When’s the Vigil for “Asylum” Savages’ Victims?

Pathetic pinkos out in force this weekend, some 3000 twits holding a ‘vigil’ for the ‘asylumer’ killed after a mob of crimmigrant ingrates erupted into major mayhem.

Thousands of Australians are attending vigils for slain asylum seeker Reza Berati across Australia.

They know nothing about the dead man, whether he was killed by other would-be queue-jumpers for not joining in their riot, or reaped whatever whirlwind he might himself have sown.

But is it not significant that no such candle-lit vigil, not even half-a-dozen strong, never mind three thousand or more in numbers, has ever been held for the many Australian girls…

  • Silhouette weeping
  • …not least that blind lass on the train we posted on last week…

Oz – Deport This Dirty ‘Asylum’ Pig NOW! 

  • …subjected to foul sexual assaults by ‘asylum’ scum like the rancid Sheikh?
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  • Rubel Sheikh

    Rubel Sheikh

That’s the problem with pinkos.

They want ‘open borders,’ many of them, but when the inevitable consequences of opening borders to alien savages become clear, they simply don’t want to know.

They are devoid of genuine humanity, unless the crimmigrants they dote on get themselves into trouble.