Top ‘Scholar’ – “Amazing Muslim Advance in West Scares Islam’s Enemies!”

A shocking triumphalist outburst from the MUI this week, those Islamist self-styled ‘scholars’ who frequently call the cops to harass dissenters who don’t share their interpretation of the Muslim creed.



Muslims, according to the Secretary-General of the Indonesian Council of Scholars, Tengku Zulkarnain, have grasped that people outside of Islam always harbour hate and vengefulness for Islam…


tengku zulkarnain-mui-

Zulkarnain explained that the Koran has already instructed Muslims about the deceitfulness of the enemies of Islam.

But they, the enemies, correctly realize that Islam has now become the largest faith in the world and exceeded other religions.


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  • This fact, he said, demonstrates that the teachings of Islam have begun to be seen as the best, more so than other religions.

Moreover, regarding the development of Islam in America, and especially in European countries, statistics have shown amazing progress. “It is certainly scary for the enemies of Islam!”.

Bizarrely, this rant came after he was asked to comment on Katy Perry’s proposed tour.


Perry, what a boob.

No, it’s not her remarkable aurat that are the issue!

For reasons that make no sense to normal people, the fanatics are up in arms about her new video, which apparently includes various illustrations of Ancient Egyptian deities.

Does anybody really think there will be mass conversions from Islam, or any other creed, to Osiris worship? Too much tuning into ‘Mummy’ movies, methinks!



No, Katy just dolls herself up as Cleopatra and vanquishes some actor purporting to be God Almighty.

Silly pantomime stuff, as you’d expect from a silly mouthy female, who rudely sought to interfere in Australia’s politics a year ago.

Remember? She told Tony Abbott she wouldn’t vote for him because he doesn’t agree with the absurdity of ‘gay marriage!’

She’s a tiresome little girl. but no threat to anyone, least of all God!

“Muslims do not need to respond to minor issues such as Katy Perry ‘s video . Enough people are working hard to adhere to the teachings of Islam and show their greatness…” said Zulkarnain.

If he’d left it at that, one might assume a wee bit sense creeping into MUI. Too many of their ‘scholarly’ declarations concern silly things like yoga, or pre-wedding photos (bad) or horrid things like FGM (good!)

So to hear somebody in his position remind his flock that there’s no need to respond…a breath of welcome fresh air from MUI, because, truly, one has had enough of the ‘upset’ tantrums.’


Just a few hours later, we read in the very same newspaper that MUI have forbidden entry to Indonesia for Ms Perry…

MUI Larang Katy Perry ke Indonesia

…although they graciously admit such decisions are in fact the Government’s.

So now we know what to expect if the ‘scary’ numbers ever surpass a controlling level.

Suppression of any and all forms of free expression as may be deemed to offend ‘believers!’


VERY- Because now cowardly Katy has caved in. The video’s been cut to comply with Islamist demands!.