Fourth Reich’s First Colony? EURocracy in Bosnia

Most Brits understand already that ‘membership’ of the EUSSR is incompatible with freedom to decide what’s best for Britain.




That lying old stoat Heath conned the UK electorate into stabbing themselves in the back in 1975 and the political in-crowd have since fought off every effort to give people another referendum…

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  • …even though the electorate must by now comprise a majority of people who never participated in the last one!

Sins of the fathers, etc.  

So this article from  is well worth a read, to see what fate befalls any people over whom Brussels establishes total dominion.

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  • Brits especially should note the vacuous wittering of their Foreign Secretary, Hague, whom the author tells us has just argued that the EU needs to make more effort to encourage Bosnia to apply for EU membership.

As she rightly points out, this presentation of Bosnia’s problems is an astonishingly dishonest inversion of reality, even by the EU’s standards.


Silly lady, to imagine for a moment that ANY minister in Cast-Iron’s Cabinet would even be allowed to speak honestly about any aspect of the supranational albatross around Britannia’s neck.


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Cameron is a forsworn Millennium Mendax.


But read more!

Far from being outside the EU, Bosnia is a state created, maintained and preserved by the EU.

Moreover, through the Office of the High Representative, Bosnia is directly controlled by the EU.

A succession of past-it European politicians and bureaucrats have overseen Bosnia and intervened in every aspect of its political life, including sacking elected politicians, overturning laws, and removing police chiefs, judges and ministers.


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Yes, ANY citizen who meets with these arrogant elitists’ disapproval can be ‘banned from public life’ – Nigel Farage beware! – and neither voters nor courts in Bosnia can challenge such EUSSR diktats.

And this is what those EuroCommissars mean when they prattle about ‘European values,’ which are NOT European in any sense meaningful to most people in most countries on that Continent.


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  • In fact the elite in Brussels is cultural marxist to the core, and had made it clear they regard their subjects everywhere, not just in Bosnia, as just that, SUBJECTS.

The vaunted European Citizens Initiative allows citizens only to petition the ruling class, and ONLY on issues the masters deem acceptable.Check this out –

EUSSR’s Mockery of Democracy 

Try kneeling in supplication to seek an end to the ‘asylum’ invasion, or capital punishment, or the absurdity of ‘gay rights!’

  • The level of control and interference has been astonishing. As Miroslav Baros has pointed out, the high representative has exercised powers even surpassing those of nineteenth-century colonial governors.
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  • And if you read that learned link, you’ll need no convincing that these un-elected upstarts resemble nothing more closely than the puppet regime of Heydrich in the Occupied Czech Protectorate declared by Adolf Hitler.
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Truly we see in Bosnia the hideous face of the Fourth Reich -nor should we be surprised. The EUSSR’s progenitors were were nazi and fascist collaborators, Spaak and Schumann  –


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