Cast-Iron’s Secret Identity Exposed?

Joint ministerial council summit

The Prime Minister’s approach leaves many voters wondering who he really is – that’s the question raised by a lady named Isabel Oakeshott.


Who is David Cameron?

Well, a lot of Brits already reckon they know WHAT he is. A snake was the creature that rang most bells in a survey last year when his name was mentioned.

But Ms Oakeshott’s tentative conclusion?

…he is prepared to jettison what once seemed like core principles in the interests of keeping the show on the road.

I’m not sure I agree. I doubt Cast-Iron HAS any core principles.

When he was running for his parliamentary seat, first time round, a decade or more ago, he made all kinds of noises that reassured real conservatives that he was sound, at least on the horrendous ‘gay rights’ nonsense.




He got elected and proceeded to reveal himself as a sedulous servant of that cultural marxist concept.


And that is no vote-getter.

That’s why he ignored his own consultation on the issue, and why no whiff of a referendum was allowed to taint the progress of his redefinition, aka wreckage, of traditional marriage.

UKIP thurs

It’s also why many Tories have abandoned the party and support UKIP.
Conservative leader of Guildford Council Stephen Mansbridges – We have lost many Conservative Party members – indeed whole branches of the local association – due to carious government policies, and Ukip won over 20 per cent of the vote in the local elections last year in Surrey. Immigration, the EU and gay marriage are frequently given as reasons for this.

Council leader fears Tory majority will be lost to Ukip ITV News1 Mar 2014


So how come he switched sides in the ‘gay’ war on decent values?

Was he always one of them, and just set out to deceive the Tories in his local constituency?  

lies..cast-iron pledge to hold a referendum..

Or is there a more sinister purpose at work?


As the article says, his approach also leaves many voters wondering who he really is…

Damn right!

Perhaps what you see is what you get:

devil destroyed

…maybe there really isn’t much more to say about David Cameron.

So she’s co-authoring a new biography, and I hope she can find a few useful clues as to who is pulling his strings.

Britannia sad

Whatever he is, he’s brought shame on Britannia!