Brussels Ban On UKIP Coalition Role?

Article 7 – suspending the voting rights of a country in the EU council – was introduced in the EU treaty after Austria formed a coalition government with a far-right party, prompting a boycott by EU countries who saw this as a breach of human rights, freedom and democracy.




I remember the outrageous attempts by Brussels to interfere in Austria’s democratic process, which even extended to diplomatic sanctions – against one of their ‘European partners!’ –


Jackboot Brussels Rules, OK!

– but I must have missed that extra Article 7 – only brought to my notice by this week’s EUObs.

Since the EurocRats regard any party opposed to their supranational agenda as ‘far-right,’ or ‘xenophobic’ or – worst of all,  maybe,’populist,’ it is highly likely that the said Article would be invoked against any attempt by any British party to negotiate a coalition with UKIP.




The Commissars categorise election results that don’t suit their prejudices as a breach of human rights, freedom and democracy!


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  • Then it would be time for an insurrection, methinks!