Ayo, Malaysia – Hang ‘Em High! And Ignore UK Sticky-Beaks!

Isti Komariyah weighed just 26 kilograms (57 pounds) on her death in Kuala Lumpur in June 2011 from what a court ruled was deliberate starvation, according to Malaysian media reports on the ruling issued Thursday. http://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/21877074/malaysians-to-hang-for-starving-indonesian-maid/

Silhouette weeping


What were Isti’s last thoughts before she died? Missing her family back home in East Java? Wondering how anyone could be so cruel?

Fong Kong Meng, 58, and his wife Teoh Ching Yen, 56, consistently withheld food from Isti during the three years she worked for them, the court found.

Those two are of course planning to appeal.


Fong Kong Meng and Teoh Ching Yen in Malaysia


Unless there is clear legal cause, hitherto unseen by courts, there should be no change in the verdict, and CERTAINLY no change in the sentence!

Death by hanging is an entirely appropriate punishment for starving an innocent young woman to death, fair and just and proportionate!


Jumhur-Hidayat-micom Jumhur Hidayat


So how come, here in Jakarta, Jumhur Hidayat, who runs something called the National Agency for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers Abroad, can immediately start wittering about how he’s “shocked” by the “harsh” sentence.

What’s shocking is the harsh wickedness of those responsible for Isti’s horrible death.

But Jumhur has appeared on our pages before now, and you might be surprised why. TKI2 – Masih Banyak Masalah – Help These Girls! 

Meanwhile, here’s a Malaysian man who makes much more sense.


Raja Zulkepley

Raja Zulkepley Dahalan, head of the Malaysian National Association of Employment Agencies, said he hoped the death sentence “would restore the confidence of source countries that we are serious about tackling maid abuse.”

Too true. As that old Scots judge said, anyone guilty of such a heinous crime will be nane the waur fur a hangin’.. (‘none the worse,’ for non-Scots!)


But as ever, one worries that arrogant sticky-beaks from the British Embassy in KL will interfere in Malaysia’s internal affairs, as their neo-colonialist counterparts here in Jakarta do, seeking to save the skins of scumbags.


foreign-office-logoEUSSR red


No more than lackeys of the EUSSR, like Cameron himself, they do NOT speak for real British people, any more than Brussels’ similar simpering sympathies for convicted monsters reflects the views of normal folk elsewhere in Europe.

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  • STRING ‘EM UP, Malaysia!