Berlin’s Bludger Albatross – Roma Liars

Germany seems bent on following Sweden’s suicidal example by admitting endless hordes of parasites.


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  • While the Swedish population is small, and therefore much more vulnerable to alien take-over, Berlin should be alert to the risks, even for a large nation, of opening the flood-gates to more and more undesirable aliens.

The leading country of origin last year was Serbia with more than 18,000 applications, up 40 percent on 2012. About 90 percent of them were Roma…


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Londoners know what Berliners are going through.


But while arrogant agitprop outfits demand that decent German tax-payers shoulder ever more onerous bludger burdens, here’s wise counsel from a man who knows.



Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic has said that many people from his country “do not come for asylum but to take the money because the benefits are high.”

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  • And he’s a Socialist!