BBC TRUST? An Oxymoron, For Sure!

That uppity Tory hack Lord Patten evidently imbibed some dictatorial arrogance from the Red Chinese tyrants with whom he hob-nobbed during the surrender of Hong Kong .

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    As Chris Patten is accused of misleading MPs over big pay-offs to departing BBC staff, Channel 4 News looks back at the colourful career of Britain's last governor of Hong Kong (Reuters)
  • Not once but thrice, he hid behind his lordly title to avoid answering a summons from a House of Commons Select Committee.
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His current means of digging his snotty snout into tax-payers’ pockets is via his part-time chairmanship of what is inappropriately called the BBC ‘Trust,’ a clique which many MPs and many more British citizens do NOT trust, since it pretends to be a responsible body but resolutely refuses to rein in the Beeb’s notorious Europhilia.

Patten pockets A HUNDRED THOUSAND a year for filling this cushy slot.

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  • He’s meant to represent the interests of license holders.
  • But that remit doesn’t extend to stopping the left-lib cabal that runs the BBC from abusing its ‘editorial independence’ to perpetrate gross partiality in its output.

The very concept of an unelected chairman who can’t or won’t control unelected editors’ propaganda, in a broadcasting empire which belongs to none of them but to the people of Britain, is absurd.


These editors should NOT be free to peddle their own prejudices. They should be obliged to represent the views of the citizenry, which pays their fat salaries.

As a former EUSSR Commissar, Patten probably sees nothing wrong with its Brussels bias – the Commissars are required to give a solemn undertaking when accepting their jobs there that their first duty will be to the European Commission, rather than their own countries, a pledge that smacks of treason.

In any event, the members of the Commons European Scrutiny Committee see it differently.


Bill Cash, chairman of the committee, announced Lord Patten will face MPs

Bill Cash, committee chairman

No-nonsense Conservative Bill Cash observed that ‘Chris Patten has accepted that he must take up our invitation. He went to considerable lengths to avoid appearing, which was quite extraordinary. We will not be treated in this manner.’

Even senior staffers at Broadcasting House have admitted there is an engrained leftist tilt in its thinking, and we’ve all seen its pro-Brussels bias in action…  http://…Broadcasting…going-biasedBBC-propaganda.html
Their readiness to take Eurocrat subsidies ( from the European Investment Bank which has described itself as “an autonomous body set up to finance capital investment furthering European integration by promoting EU policies”)  has deepened concerns about where their allegiance lies.
If they were not publicly owned, of course they’d be quite entitled to use their programmes for the benefit of Britain’s enemies among the European Commissariat.
But they aren’t, sucking up public money like vampires in a blood-bank. 
However, hope springs eternal, with news in The Times 9th March that “members of a panel reviewing the future of the BBC have suggested that it scrap the licence fee and switch to a subscription service from 2020.
Imagine if they had to pitch for the hearts and minds of the viewing public, instead of just rifling through their pockets as they please.