‘Any kaffir soldier take ur pick!’ – C’mon, Convicts!

A British judge on Friday jailed a young Muslim couple for making YouTube videos that praised the murder of a soldier by extremists in London last year, and for urging similar attacks overseas.


Obviously, they should be executed.


But since the insanity of bowing to Brussels’ soft-on-terrorism diktat against death penalties incomprehensibly persists among the UK elite, no surprise when we read the vermin were sent to prison.


I understand the maximum penalty for the crimes concerned is seven years.

Yet look at the soppy sentences meted out to these filthy swine, Royal Barnes, 23, and his wife Rebekah Dawson, 22, who made no effort to deny recording and uploading three videos hailing the frenzied murder of Lee Rigby near his barracks in Woolwich by two Muslim extremists. 

AND Barnes offered prizes, a car and money  to anyone who beheaded a French, British or US soldier in “Muslim lands”. http://news.yahoo.com/uk-couple-jailed-videos-hailing-soldiers-murder-220225215.html


  • Royal-Barnes-and-possibly-his-wife-2158266
    Pig Barnes, with sow
  • =========

For the male pig, just five years and four months for inciting terrorism overseas and  26 months each for three counts of disseminating a terrorist publication, to run concurrently.


Rebekah Dawson, Muslim woman who refused to lift veil in court admits witness intimidationSow Dawson, unveiled


And the sow? A mere 20 months for each of three counts of disseminating a terrorist publication, which will also run concurrently.


WHY NOT CONSECUTIVELY? So that when one term expires, the other begins?

In effect, concurrence means the second (and third) prison term is nullified, all just rolled into the first sentence that each pig received.


Thirty years each would not be unreasonable, and/or deportation to some primitive piggery.

Astoundingly, most of the media used photos of the sow with its head shrouded in a burqa. How are decent people, in and out of prison, meant to identify the thing?

But our consequent attempts to get a proper picture were actually useful.

They led us to find more info on this harpy’s criminal record – no fresh face on the crime scene!  Barnes had previous convictions for using threatening words or behaviour and for assault, and had also taken part in vigilante patrols in east London promoting Sharia law, the court heard.


  • enemy-within
  • ===================================
  • So why the soppy sentences for what the judge said was activity “offensive in the extreme?”

It’s hardly just ‘offensive.’

Treason, giving aid and comfort to your country’s enemies, OUGHT to be a capital offence.  If not, decades  behind bars.


So once more, it’s up to British convicts to get the job done. That’s why we searched for a full face photo of the vixen.

  • And more good reasons to ban the burqa – millions of perfectly normal, decent Muslim women here in Indonesia, and across the world, would never dream of wearing such a head-shroud, any more than they’d incite murderous terrorism.
  • It’s NOT a religious requirement, just an offensive sectarian affectation.

Vermin like Dawson should not be allowed to hide behind it.