Stop Toronto’s Gross ‘Gay’ Indecency!

Who wants to see sleazy ‘gays’ exposing themselves in city centres?
Here’s who!
This silly little girl is Lauren Strapagiel, allegedly a news editor at and she’s been talking about so-called ‘Gay Pride’ Parades, where vile queers prance about naked and engage in perverted performances to please…whom?
The crowd? Or the In-Crowd?
Little Lauren disses and dismisses decent members of Toronto District School Board who think the police should uphold the laws of Canada on indecent exposure….
“…in-your-face sexuality is the point of the damn thing….ultimately, there are worse things than seeing a penis flopping down Yonge Street.”
What a messed-up wee minx she is!
toronto-dyke-march-2011-6-300x257 Foul-mouthed horrors march in Toronto
Meanwhile, Danny Glenwright, managing editor at the homosexual news service Xtra, tells us “the event is about displaying “our wanton sexuality and hedonism.”


Some brass-necked buggers used to make out it was about their human ‘rights.’

Perhaps we should thank Danny the Deviant for owning up, confirming what the REAL ‘gay’ agenda is all about.

All they want to do is flaunt their filthy freakish habits. And if decent folk think Toronto is their city too? Fools that they are,  they should “stay home….”

Time for those who can still remember when their city was known as ‘Toronto the Good’ to take action, and cleanse the streets of filth.

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