Heart of Stone? Lauding Castro’s Caracas Quisling

If any other reason were needed to loathe the marxist misrule afflicting Cuba and Venezuela – aside from the multiple injustices, including murders, which the evil red regimes have imposed on people who only want to be free – then it’s their foul fan-club in the democracies which supply motivations aplenty.


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  • We’ve mentioned a  lot of them before, the most revolting being the millionaire who likes to look like a slob, Michael Moore, an inveterate denigrator of his homeland whose lies about Cuban healthcare have made him an international laughing-stock.
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  • And there’s Danny Glover, a black actor who ignores the racism that haunts Castro’s dungeons. A true spiritual heir to the black bolshevik Belafonte.
  • Then there are the brainless bimbos like Naomi Campbell and Beyonce….
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  • Beyonce-beyonce-32688154-1280-960communism tyranny==https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/beyonce-and-who-bolster-brutal-marxist-misrule-in-cuba/  perhaps aspiring to emulate the rank treason of Hanoi Jane Fonda.
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  • They come in all colours, all equally contemptible. But tonight it’s the turn of another American who hates America, Oliver Stone, who’s just created a ‘documentary’ entitled My Friend Hugo, all about the recently deceased exploiter of Venezuela.
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  • One has to wonder how such hatred can develop and fester in the heart of someone who has done so well out of the USA, but that would require a thorough psychiatrist’s report.
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  • Somebody who claims to be anti-imperialist but who grovels before a despot who is transforming a once-prosperous country into an impoverished dependency of his own gulag-state clearly is emotionally disturbed.
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    Oliver Stone with Fidel Castro


It does vex me how anyone obviously neither stupid nor uneducated can be so wilfully blind to the quintessential cruelty that characterises Havana’s demonic dictatorship.

  • Venezuela today is a country that is practically occupied by the henchmen of two international criminals, Cuba’s Castro brothers,” recently declared Luis Miquilena who served as Hugo Chavez’ Minister of Justice for three years before finally resigning in disgust.
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    Luis Miquilena listening to the late tyrant’s lies

    ==========“They (the Cubans) have introduced in Venezuela a true army of occupation. The Cubans run the maritime ports, airports, communications, the most essential issues in Venezuela. We are in the hands of a foreign country. This is the darkest period in our history.”