St. Patrick’s Day – Snakes Gone, Leeches Aplenty!

St. Patrick is credited with evicting all snakes from the Emerald Isle.

But whatever residual saintly mantle lingers  there, it has not stopped ingrate leeches flooding in!

The sheer arrogant greed of ‘asylumers’ who weasel uninvited into someone else’s country, then bleed the public purse to pay lawyers to demand ever-bigger, ever-better benefits, and ‘rights,’ is much the same in Eire as in Australia, it seems.

Mind you, I read elsewhere that in 2012of the 1,625 asylum cases ruled on by Irish authorities , only 140 applications were granted some kind of positive protection – an approval rate of only 8.6 per cent. This is well below the EU average of 25.2 per cent’

So even those of us who laugh at those Paddy jokes must concede there’s some good sense operating in that republic.

Among the people, maybe, but not the judges!

Here’s a headline from the Irish Times last year.

Family argues system of accommodation and allowances is unconstitutional


Ain’t that swell.

Of course any citizen with or without a family should be free to appeal for his or her constitutional rights. But these ain’t citizens!




These are aliens, who have been allowed to stay, given free food and a roof o’er their heads, despite no connection whatsoever to Erin’s Green Valleys!

Yet they have the gall to turn on their hosts and take them to court, because the rotten ingrates aren’t satisfied with the spoils of their bludgery! 

And be darned sure they ain’t paying a penny of the high-cost lawyers enjoying all those days in court!


Asylum seekers queue in the canteen at Mosney Reception Centre. Photograph: Frank Miller

An application for leave by a family of six to challenge the controversial system of direct provision of accommodation and allowances for asylum seekers will be heard by the High Court on October 21st.

Close to 5,000 people are kept in direct provision… centres where they are given accommodation, three meals a day and €19.10 per week while they wait for their application for asylum to be heard…


Neat deal, just for gate-crashing somebody else’s homeland!

Yet they’re whining to the courts. Who are these cheeky upstarts?

If they don’t like their lodgings, they should sod off back where they came from. They seem to have maintained their alien allegiances, judging from the flags in this photo!



‘Irish constitutional rights?’ They don’t even know which tricolour to wave!


But if they prefer to stay in Eire, their public pronouncements should be limited to endless litanies of gratitude to the tax-payers who feed and shelter them. Instead…

Lawyers ( on whose dime?) for the family will argue that the system was… violating the Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights.


Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court



That contemptible clique of rogue judges rears its ugly head once more, aliens appealing to aliens for interference in how far they can put the squeeze on poor Paddy and his Missus.

And the worst part of the story is that some robed wretch in Dublin granted those whiners leave to challenge the local trough system.