‘White Folks’ to the Back of the Bus?

Good to see that the South Puget Sound Community College, in America’s Washington State, stepped in to cancel a blatantly racist forum at their ‘Diversity and Equity Centre,’ and apologise!



The very idea of a university having such a centre as part of its official operation is surely absurd PC nonsense.
The ‘equality’ industry,’ which provides employment to so many otherwise useless sticky-beaks, seems to spend much of its time either whining or else manufacturing artificial grievances to whine about. 


But if this centre has been created, it is ipso facto meant to be diverse, i.e. there for every variety of student (although the photo we found for its apparatchik suggests smokers are infra dig as much as honkies!

Of course, if blacks or browns or yellows form a student club, they should be free to exclude whomsoever – though imagine the tumult if a club admitted whites only – double standards rule, okay!

But this outfit is an official part of the college. It MUST be open to all students.

NO, according to its ‘program coordinator,’ Karama Blackthorn (who was involved in composing an invitation which referred to ‘white folks’ ) still reckons that staff members of color would have a more honest discussion about race without white people there.


No, she creates change by discriminating against ‘people of non-colour!’ Something not quite the full shilling about this woman?
  • “When trying to explicitly talk about race it can be a really difficult conversation for a lot of people,” she told the station.

Exceptionally difficult, if you’re not allowed to be there to converse!


What’s she scared to say in front of Wicked Ol’ Whitey? No idea….


But W.O.W ain’t welcome in her ‘diversity’ democracy.

“That space is not for white people. That space is for people of color.

By that space, she was specifically talking of the ‘Diversity Centre,’ which therefore is not terribly diverse at all. Much like public buses, or the drinking fountains, in the Deep South in the Fifties!


  • Like those demeaning segregated facilities, Ms. Blackthorn is an affront, and should be got rid of.
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  • And when did this contortion of English, ‘people of colour,’ replace the normal way of describing non-whites, ‘coloured people,’ as in NAACP?
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I seem to recall that recently a UKIP councillor was hauled over the coals for using those latter perfectly accurate and inoffensive words. 

Media’s Anti-UKIP Jihad – Magna Carta Eclipsed! 

The Runnymede Trust, the UK’s leading independent race equality think tank, said Coun Lewis’s language was “outmoded.”

“The term ‘coloured’ has largely been rejected by people from visible ethnic minorities as a useful description,” director Rob Berkeley said. “By using the term the councillor appears to be out of touch with modern Britain. http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/UKIP-councillor-apologises-coloured-comments/story-19833889-detail/story.html

Who the hell do these creeps think they are? If Councillor Lewis OR Comrade Kamara want to use the word ‘coloured,’ there should be no such carping criticism.


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  • Truly, political correctum delendum est.