Boob Ban in Stockholm! Hurt Feelings Alert?



One can see why priggish feminists like the Swedish politico in the UPI report gets uptight when her guests show more interest in the great art on display than in her wittering, but that’s a critique of her standard of sparkling chat rather than the painting.

A painting of a bare-breasted woman has been removed from the Swedish Riksdag’s guest dining room on orders from the legislature’s deputy speaker.

Juno (of the Roman Pantheon) and Deputy Speaker Susanne Eberstein (of the Social Democrat Party)


It’s a depiction of the Queen of the Roman Gods, Juno, by baroque artist G.E. Schroder, and it’s been there for thirty years. It looks like quite a good painting to me, nothing especially erotic or naughty about Juno’s body. Just a nice goddess going about her celestial business, in normal goddess gear!

A parliamentary source who asked to remain anonymous told TT lawmakers were concerned about the painting’s effects on foreign visitors. “You have to think of the foreign guests, especially those from Muslim countries,” the source said.

For God’s (or Goddess’s) Sake!

When foreign Muslims, or anyone other people with different ways of thinking about the human body, come to Western countries, they will have to get used to Western cultural values.


  • Gaga The hideous Lady Gaga – I didn’t agree with Indonesia banning her, but I do think she’s a grotesque embarrassment to whatever country she calls home.


Surely better they see this Juno than gargoyles like Lady Gaga as representative thereof?

If they’re visiting, they’ll go home and say it’s wonderful, or weird, or woeful. If they wish to settle in the West, they’ll need to get used to it and adapt accordingly.


But as we read on, it looks like Sexy Susanne is using Muslims as an excuse for her own uptight idiosyncratic abhorrence of good-looking women.

Eberstein said the painting’s removal was also for the comfort of herself and her fellow female officials.

“I think it is more a feminist issue. It’s tiresome [looking at] a bare-breasted woman when I sit at public dinners with foreign guests. I think it feels a little hard to sit there with men who look at us women,” Eberstein said.


  • sweden girls  Normal Swedish women
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  • Relax, babe!

If the men don’t have more typical Swedish girls to look at, they may well be looking at Juno rather than you!