Campus Pinkos Outlaw UKIP!

The jackboot has descended on yet another campus.


  • Jackboot
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  • truththenewhatespeechcorrectspellinig
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Clearly these callow curs, echoing the dog-whistle politics of the National Union of Students, with its intolerant “No Platform” policy, are unfit to occupy privileged places at any institution of higher education.


  • Nigel+Farage
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  • Nigel Farage’s views, not always in tune with mine, deserve every bit as much a hearing as any other party leader, and indeed as much as any point of view, including the ‘far-right’ parties also banned.
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  • Communism_by_the_creator_of_life
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  • Has the Communist Party been banned, or the Socialist Workers’ Party, or for that matter, the terrorist spokesmen of Sinn Fein?
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  • plo.ira
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  • Were that the case, there’d at least be some consistency, but there isn’t.
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What’s going on is simply censorship, by left-lib/cultural marxist fanatics, of anyone remotely right of centre.

These student unions are funded by tax-payers.


…….british money-============================

They should be de-funded, now, until their studies result in a grasp of  the basic principles of British democracy.