Cash in Bali? Don’t Change It Any Old Where!

If you’ve been to Bali, you’ll know there are moneychangers everywhere along the main drag in Kuta/Legian, and loads more elsewhere.

Don’t just wander in and use them. Some may well be honest, but plenty are sharks.


foreign money


A tourist office spokesman is quoted (by the Bali website I often use) as urging vigilance by visitors, and intervention by the cops to quell the rapacious moneychangers who prey on tourists.

“They will continue to operate if there is no firm action from the authorities. Their number has even increased, with some new players.”

This latest warning has come after the now infamous undercover report done by a Dutch TV journalist catching several moneychangers in the act of defrauding foreign tourists.


I can give you one useful tip.

PT Central Kuta.

They were recommended to me, and after using them twice, I can say their service was both honest, and polite.

And friendly, too.