Dirty Di’s Sorry Racist Record – Update!

Following on from our earlier post on the dirty ‘racist’ slur against UKIP by Diane Abbott MP Anti-UKIP Red’s OWN Racist Record!  I’ve had several complaints.

So I now try to redress my sins of omission. I should have researched her more carefully, because her engrained anti-white racism has been expressed considerably more than once.

Indeed, two years ago, I excoriated her anti-white arrogance.The Abominable Abbott! Time to Ditch the B….! but I update out of courtesy to new readers, and to save you thebother of flipping back to 2012.




The one example I gave was merely a drop in the bucket of her bigotry, a more recent outburst being that aimed at Cameron and Clegg, whom she dissed as ‘two posh white boys.’


David Cameron and Nick Clegg


I detest that pair. But on grounds of character and causes, not because of their ethnicity. Only a low-life like Ms Abbott would use the colour of their skin to put them down.

And then there was the rant targetting Finnish nurses, whom she dismissed for being blonde, blue-eyed.


She tried cravenly to get out of that by saying she was only suggesting local hospitals should hire local nurses. But in fact her innate racism was clear, because she added that the objection was that the Finns had ‘never met a black person before.’

What the heck does skin-colour have to do with caring for the sick?


Only a sicko racist like DA can answer that!

And the example I used in my previous post?

She did say sorry – she’s the kind of cur who weighs in with her racial animosities, then bottles out with weasel words.

  • racist Not this time, DA!
  • Despite having made the gross generalisation that ‘white people love playing divide and rule,’– (NB not some whites, a few whites or even most whites, but just white people!) she – after being ordered to do so by Labour leaders – apologised, claiming there had been no intention to make “generalisations about white people”

So not just a blatant race-baiter, but a coward to boot. And she dares smear honest patriots?