Self-Determination – Northern Lights V SNP Glare!


Venice in 1805 – same size as the neighbouring Kingdom of Italy!


A self-organised “referendum” over the independence of one of Italy’s
wealthiest regions has resulted in an overwhelming victory for the
separatist camp, but authorities in Rome have largely ignored the result.

Well, let’s think about that.


  • Venice had a long and proud history of independence. The referendum ending that, around 150 years ago, had one of those results that  resembled the old Soviet-style ‘democracies,’ something like 99.5 percent in favour of Italian unification.


Maybe. Who knows? But despite criticisms of the organisers, there seems to be a lot of support for reversing that ‘popular’ mandate!


Now look at Scotland!


Here’s a map showing how things stood around a thousand years ago.
The islands to the North-West constitute the Western Isles, and those way up at the top of the map are Orkney and, even further north again, the Shetlands.
None of those places was part of Scotland, nor, when they later came under Scottish rule, was there any pretence of democratic consultation – ’twasn’t the done thing in the Middle Ages!
Now there’s a petition submitted by people from those various peripheral islands to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.
They want the right to determine their own future, and the options they seek are their retention within the United Kingdom.

  • salmond SNP First Minister Salmon
  • Anything they have ever said about unfair domination by larger central governments (London) over smaller distinctive peoples (Scotland) must logically apply to these islands.
  •  —————
  • And if they say the petitioners are too small to stand alone, which has not yet been said by France about Monaco, or Italy about San Marino, or by anyone about all those tiny Pacific and Caribbean states, that argument disintegrates in the face of a vote to stay British!
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  • Self-Determination-2-940x400
  • —————-
  • Let’s consider lessons of history.
  • Back when Eire was still an embryonic concept, De Valera said in private that if the British minority on the island of Ireland wanted to opt out, why force them into disavowing their allegiance?


Mural, Shankill Parade, off Shankill Road.


But he refused to say so in public, which poisoned politics in both his own country and Ulster for nearly a hundred years, his heirs strident in their irrational expansionist aims. Hitler and De Valera


  • Would it be too much to hope that Salmond will show more statesmanlike qualities than the evil man who mourned the death of Adolf Hitler?

Let him declare publicly that there shall be no compulsion against people who want to choose their own destiny!

Both Adolf and Dev might turn in their graves, but its the honourable thing to say!