Raid 2 – Snow in Jakarta Sums It Up!

Sorry, but I cannot echo the heaps of praise bestown on this film.
It’s not the fault of the actors and actresses, especially not Iko Uwais, who’s back again, as Rama, who was also the hero of the original Raid, which we saw two years ago.
  • This time he has to go to jail to infiltrate the mobsters, a jail-term during which an immense mud-fight occurs, the first taste of the wanton violence which pops up again and again in this film.
  • ——————
  • Action aplenty, but while a square go – one on one – may justify the sort of theatrics this director seems to like, when one goodie (a relative term here) goes up against half-a-dozen, or even twenty, occasionally, baddies, why are we expected to believe the villains are so dim-witted that they politely take turns to be bloodied and beaten?
  • They’re gangsters, not duellists!
  • If they went in mob-handed, they’d win!
  • However, suspend belief in any crim possessing an ounce of sense of self-preservation and you’ll be fine with this film.
  • —————————-
Julie Estelle
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo                   oooooooooo
  • Perhaps the most ludicrous example of what I’m talking about is when Alicia, a cute mute played by the lovely Julie Estelle, attacks a target on a commuter train.
  • Her weapons of choice are hammers, one in each soft sweet hand!
  • The commuters wisely vamoose, but the target has six or seven bodyguards, tough types, who nevertheless allow her to take ’em out one by one!
  • ————–
  • It would be nice to be taken out by Julie, but not in that sense of the words!
  • oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • The Welsh director, Gareth Evans, at least makes no effort to play down how nasty criminals are. Arifin Putra is very nasty, as Uco, son of gangster boss Bangun (played by Tio Pakusadewo).
  • He even shoots his own father in the face!


  • But sometimes the film just abandons all pretence of being set in the real world, as when Jakarta is suddenly hit by snow!
  • What’s going on?
  • 00
  • Blok  M Square's Carrefour Blok M Square

  • Having said all that, it is nice to see a film set here, even Blok M Square featured, where I had just wandered through en route to the cinema, and most of the audience lapped it up, applauding more than once.
  • Though inexplicably at least ten per cent of these ‘fans’ trouped in late!
  • PS
  • As there was no English text to clarify the dialogue, some may accuse me of missing out on key details that would have made it more comprehensible, but my companion totally agreed with me on both the good points and bad points.
  • And I wasn’t brandishing two hammers at her!
RAID 2: Berandal
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