Dancers Dismay Despot, Brussels Cops Go Gestapoid!

Shocking report from Brussels on how the Belgian Police have  cracked down on a dance company’s posters!





Because Red China’s Communist dictator is due there this week, and he MUSTN’T be offended!

President Xi Jinping and his entourage will be staying at the Sheraton hotel near the Brussels’ National Theatre, which is staging a traditional Chinese musical by the Schen Yun Performance Arts troupe. The dance makes reference to Falun Gong, a meditation practice widely persecuted by the Chinese Communist party since 1999.

And that’s what prompted the Brussels Gestapo to unload on the dancers!

What kind of jackboot clowns does Belgium hire to police its streets?

One letter sent from the central police department to the Belgian Falun Gong Association (BFGA), which organised the performance, asked them to either cover all the posters or remove them….

Red China is a genocidal marxist tyranny, which deserves to be offended, if not worse. The cowardly cops, shamed into backing off, are now busily not taking phone calls on the scandal.

What makes this squalid censorship all the more sinister is that it’s not the Belgian Government that Comrade Xi is coming to meet.A quick nod to the locals, yeah, but…

It’s the EUSSR!




And they are just as bad as the ‘Keystone Sprouts’ of Brussels PD.

For its part, the European Commission said media would not be allowed to pose Xi any questions.

“The EU side wanted to have a press conference but the Chinese side did not want to have a press conference and so therefore there is no press conference foreseen for this event,” said commission spokesperson Pia Ahrenkilde.

So no embarrassing questions about the Falun Gong, or Tibetan Genocide….

  • Tibetan+exile+Janphel+Yeshi+runs+as+he+is+engulfed+in+flames+after+he+set+himself+on+fire+during+a+protest+in+New+Delhi
  • … or even the boring issue of Beijing’s failure to hold one democratic election in the sixty five years it’s misruled the helpless Chinese people!


Old Commie Friends, Together Again


Nobody will have a chance to ask if Barroso and Xi enjoyed exchanging reminiscences of teen fun in their respective Communist Youth Leagues!



  • One hopes the hidden hand that orchestrated this anti-freedom action will be exposed.

I don’t think for a minute it’s only some dumbo plods collaborating with a faction in the local Chinese consulate, as EUObserver suggests.

The EU’s enmity towards freedom is notorious. That’s where to look for answers.

We have more than enough morons here telling us that various things people say and do ‘hurt their feelings’ without having to sit down and explain to normal Indonesians that the same kind of hogwash is slopping around in Western countries, courtesy of the EuroCrat elite!