Lucky Australians! No More Tax-Cash For Q-Jump Lawyers!


Politicians who keep their promises!


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  • Australia truly is a Lucky Country, as Immigration Minister Scott Morrison today confirmed he had fulfilled his election pledge to remove free legal advice to asylum-seekers who arrive without visas by sea or air, saving the budget $100 million.


“Australia’s protection obligations do not extend to providing free immigration advice and assistance to those who arrived in Australia illegally.

“The government will provide illegal arrivals clear instructions in multiple languages setting out the asylum application and assessment process and will provide interpreters. This is similar to the process employed by the UNHCR around the world.” Morrison in legal advice clampdown


Millions of hard-working tax-payers in Oz have observed, their perplexity turning to righteous indignation, how a pack of fat-cat lawyers have coined in millions by aiding and abetting wannabe bludgers in challenges to the Abbott Government’s policies – despite the fact that those policies won the clear support of voters last year.

  • Needless to say, shrills galore – including one sometime ‘Liberal’ leader in New South Wales – have begun bleating for a resumption of that deplorable drain on the public purse.
  • Laughably, that fellow thinks that telling the public how “many people will end up going back” is going to drum up hostility to the money-saving move!

That’s the take on Morrison’s honourable stance from John Dowd, who, perhaps predictably, is a lawyer, now holding a presumably comfortable position with the International Commission of Jurists Australia. he certainly looks like he’s thriving there.


  • Legal expert John Dowd: "This is hardly an example of compassion".

John Dowd: ”


This is hardly the first time Dowd’s popped up as a cheer-leader for undesirable aliens.

His latest fatuous comment – “These are human beings” – will be met with the riposte that they are NOT Australian human beings, and so should not start leeching off honest Aussie folk as soon as some pin-striped parasite with a law degree makes contact.

Millions of non-pinstripers, honest workingmen and women, will applaud Morrison’s directive that the queue-jumpers are free to use whomsoever they like to represent them, “with all costs to be met by the providers of these services.”

“If people choose to violate how Australia chooses to run our refugee and humanitarian program, they should not presume upon the support and assistance that is provided to those who seek to come the right way, and they should certainly not receive additional assistance, as they did under the previous government,” he said.


Now if Cameron in the UK had the guts to do the same, cut off the perpetual pumping of pound-notes into the pockets of legal lice…



Fat Chance!


  • Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving CourtDavid-Cameron-001
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  • Even if, for once, The Snake chose to act like a conservative, he’d be slapped down sharpish by Britain’s current lords and masters, the courtly clique in Strasbourg.
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  • The ECHR constantly facilitates the thrust of greedy snouts eager to dip into the UK tax-trough!