Phuket – Now To Emerge Into Glorious Jakarta Sunshine!

What beautiful sunshine!

Must get out and about, after a busy weekend, which, thanks to the Hindu holiday, continues till tomorrow!

I was surprised at the sudden bump in my viewing stats today, so checked it out and here’s the reason!

Air Terjun Pengantin Phuket’ – A Gory Deluge of Lovelies

It’s just a brief but visually pleasing movie review…


tamara-bleszynski Tamara Blezynski – a kick-boxing heroine


putri una Putri Una – sadly ill-used by the wicked ones, as is also the case with…


Laras-Monca Laras Monca.  Not to ignore…


Kimberly-Ryder Kimberley Ryder – she’s a sweetie!


There, now you don’t even need to switch to the original!

But why the sudden interest in a post from over a year ago?

I’d never have known, had I not been channel-surfing as I read my paper-back on the sofa last night, and there they were, those lovelies, a re-run of the very same horror film.

Presumably, lots of people were thus inspired to look up mentions of the movie on the internet. So an extra 130 plus viewers for RRA!

  • breakfast-breakfast-eggs-sausage-smiley-emoticon-000617-large Must celebrate!
  • Incidentally, we are currently approaching a grand total of 700,000, not bad at all.

Have a nice day!