Jakarta – Islamist Party’s Beef With Free T-Shirts!

With the legislative elections just a week away on the 9th April, good to read an agreeable headline in the Jakarta Globe – Indonesian Islamic Parties Head for Poll Drubbing – which records the further decline of sectarianism in Indonesian politics.


But more interesting was Merdeka.com’s report that the PKS, said to be the nearest thing in Indonesia to the Muslim Brotherhood, is beseeching supporters to buy a t-shirt if they want to join them on the campaign trail.




Everywhere you go here at the mo, you see Jakarta’s poor folk sporting nice new t-shirts, booty of the election campaign. But unlike other parties, the Prosperous Justice Party claims not to distribute freebies to cadres and sympathizers .

“Clothes are not free…. At PKS, nothing is free…,” a party spokesman said.

And they’re not cheap either! ...a collared shirt  Rp110 thousand… Rp70 thousand for t-shirts.

Heck, the vendors at Blok M Terminal and Pasar Baru charge WELL under Rp.50,000 for a t-shirt!


  • clothes sale
  • So how come?  PKS detests capitalism!
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Why don’t they ask their man Ahmad Fathanah for a donation, to help reduce the cost of those shirts to the many people on or below the minimum wage here who might thus be attracted to the PKS?


  • ahmad fathanah - wanita disekelilingnya (merdeka com) b - k Mr. Fathanah
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  • Fathanah, after all, happily handed over Rp.10 MILLION to a cute undergrad to accompany him to one of the Le Meridien Hotel’s luxurious rooms?

Islamist to Sexy Model: ‘Don’t Thank Me, Thank Allah!” 

But then poor Fathanah, famed for his generosity, to pretty ladies, at least, is not free to dispense largesse at present.

Nor is Mr. Luthfi, the former head of the PKS, who got 16 years not long ago!


  • luthfibeard Ex-PKS ‘Beef-Scandal’ Boss Luthfi
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  • As my occasional PKS-fan commenter has noted, however, Mr Luthfi’s conviction for corruption is under appeal.

Beef Scandal – Islamist Fanatic Luthfi Jailed ‘Till the Cows Come Home!’ 

If HE wins out, no doubt he could be counted on to dig into his immensely deep pockets.