‘Arrest Downey Now!’ Ulster’s Jim Demands Justice!

The Face of Evil – IRA Ratbag Downey
  • As usual, it was left to TUV’s Jim Alister to talk sense and tell it like it
  • is on the shameful circumstances that led to that IRA SOB walking free,
  • despite plenty of evidence to justify a trial!l
  • ————–


I let him state the case in his own words.

It’s a masterful indictment of evil scheming.

And prescribes honourable follow-up action!

“The BBC Spotlight programme underscores the extent to which the criminal justice system
has been corrupted by the immoral demands of “the peace process”.
“The failure to pursue Downey, despite his fingerprint link to the Johnston & Eames
murders, is not just a failure of policing, but a blatant perversion of justice by the
dirty politics of the process….
“The fingerprint evidence still exists.
So, I am now calling for an immediate European Arrest Warrant to secure the arrest
and extradition of Downey.
If these OTR letters are really not worth the paper they are written on,as Mr Robinson
has foolishly claimed, then, let’s see Downey pursued on the basis of the forensic
evidence which exists.