Wannabe EUSSR President’s Pinko Patronage!

Prominent pinko Martin Schulz, leader of the Socialist bloc of MEPs, has been exposed – caught in the act of censoring a key report. And what was the report about?

Martin-Schulz  Schulz

Schulz is desperate to be President of the European Commission. And the report concerned a case which involves accusations against senior officials at the European Commission.

God knows it is an abominable institution that might be just the right place for an abominable man to preside.

But his latest outlandish antics constitute just one more chapter in a saga suggesting he’s not fit to run a whelk-stall – that’s a very old-fashioned British phrase but I’m sure all readers can figure out its meaning..

“He used his prerogatives to take out one paragraph in the European Parliament’s discharge report,” said Belgian Green MEP Bart Staes. The deleted paragraph criticised the centre-left President for delaying the work of the budgetary control committee….



  • Schulz sent the chair of the budgetary control committee Michael Theurer a letter outlining his demands in late March.

Demands? The upstart must think he’s already Chief Commissar!

Theurer turned down Schulz’s proposal and refused to pull the paragraph, but it was removed anyway…He also postponed committee hearings on the case, which involves accusations against senior officials at the European Commission..


elite arrogance-s


“It is a real scandal,” said German centre-right MEP Ingeborg Grassle, who drafted the text, adding that there is no legal basis in the rules of procedure. …

You can read more on this link http://euobserver.com  – just put EU parliament chief censors report criticising his actions  into their search box.

But please note!

It’s not the only aspect of his conduct that’s come in for criticism.  He also postponed committee hearings on the case, which involves accusations against senior officials at the European Commission.

And earlier this year, he switched the Twitter profile of the European Parliament presidency into his own personal profile as part of his campaign bid.

The switch means the presidency’s more than 60,000 followers automatically became his campaign followers. The parliament’s presidency Twitter account now only has around 3,500 followers.

Have to laugh at that. Twits deprived of their twitters!


Nor should we fail to note what that MEP said about his appointees –

“People, coming from the socialist party, they work now for the parliament, parliament has to pay them but they are just the personal press office of Mr Schulz, organising his campaign,” she said.

Schulz’ sheer brass neck is alomst impressive – take, for example his earmarking five members of his cabinet to top administrative posts in the parliament.

000000000000  Poor Little Rich Reds!  00000000



His fellow centre-left party members Markus Winkler and Herwig Kaiser are each set to get a director-general post. Starting salaries are around €203,000 a year.

As the report says,“the Union criticises political patronage around the world, and calls for that principle to be observed with regard to the Parliament’s administration, too.”


Of course it’s appalling, but the European Parliament is infamously a gravy train, over-paid, arrogant enemies of the people.


The European Parliament came fourth from bottom in a league table of 27 “liked” countries and institutions.Wow! Strasbourg’s Nicer Than Pyongyang! 


A bad idea in the first place, worsened by the enormous error of direct election, which exacerbated their delusions of grandeur.

Power derives from the historic nation-states, and their parliaments derive their power from the people.

Sooner or later, the peoples constantly exploited and treated with contempt will echo Cromwell –

In the Name of God, GO!