'Let My People Go!' Says Terrorist Mourner Hain

This foul thing has always had a thing for terrorists.  We included this quote on a previous post, but it’s worth re-reading.




In July 1964 John Harris, a close friend of Hain’s family, left a time bomb in Johannesburg railway station. It killed one person; a grandmother out for the day with her grand-daughter (she was Welsh as it happens: ironic since Hain represents a Welsh constituency). They had to shovel granny into a sack; her granddaughter had her face blown off; 20 others were seriously injured.


peter-hain-$7007015$300 The Face of Evil – Peter Hain


Harris was hanged for the crime. Peter Hain spoke at the funeral eulogising this act and soon afterwards Hain and his parents left South Africa to continue their mischief here.

The horribly injured child travelled to England to see Hain; he refused to see her. Hain is an inveterate and bitter enemy of Britain and always has been. He is also a moral coward….He pollutes British politics by his oily presence. http://www.spectator.co.uk/columnists/james-delingpole/8938761/am-i-politically-correct-enough-to-stand-for-ukip/



Remember him? People in Ulster do, for his unprincipled double-dealing deceits.Even the anti-Unionist SDLP spokesman Mark Durkan recognised Hain’s heinous nature .

UK – Dirty Deal With Terrorists Exposed! 


And now the dirty rat is shrilling to let more murderers go unpunished. And we know who one of these swine is, and who he murdered.

Jean McConville

Jean McConville, abducted and murdered in 1972


The Beast of Belfast – Adams Still Lying About Housewife’s Murder 

Hain got pretty chummy with cold-blooded killers back when Bliar and Co were hatching the sell-out Bad Friday Agreement.I don;t imagine he cares more about an innocent housewife than he cared about the grandma his comrade blew up. He’s a man sans conscience.


I’m sure he was wondering how to take the heat off his pals when he came up with his latest wizard wheeze!

A de facto amnesty should be offered to terrorists who killed, bombed and maimed during Northern Ireland’s 30 years of violence, a former Northern Ireland Secretary said yesterday.

  • terrorism1
  • Peter Hain’s radical proposal, which would end any prospect of prosecutions in 3,000 unsolved murders from the Troubles, comes on the eve of the first Irish state visit to Britain….

Bad enough that blood-drenched vermin like Martin McGuinness should be wining and dining in Buckingham Palace, a scene that shames every rotten politician who gave such an affront the green light.

  • sinn McGuinness and Adams – Hang ‘Em!
  • But now we have the lousy creep Hain, a man long-noted for his readiness to eulogise terrorist scum, urging that McGuinness’s murderous mates be let off whatever rusty hook still dangles in the name of whatever still passes for British justice.
  • agallows
  • These IRA swine should be hunted down.

When caught, they should be put to death, every last one of them..

Sinn Fein’s Heart of Darkness, Exposed Again! 

And so should McGuinness and Adams and Kelly and all the other brutal Sinn Fein beasts.