Oz Pro-Crimmigrant Court Safeguards ‘Asylum’ Scum!

The Federal Court has quashed a government decision to refuse protection visas to a group of refugees who were convicted of offences while in detention….


civilised man v savage Not words that mean anything to Oz judges, clearly


One was convicted after spitting on a Serco officer and four others were convicted after damaging Commonwealth property while being held in a Darwin immigration detention centre…….http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-04-09/federal-court-quashes-government-decision-on-asylum-seeker-visas/5378510

So these morons on the bench reckon Australia has to take on board a bunch of dirty scumbags who clearly don’t deserve anything except deportation?

  • christmas-islan
  • What about the dirty scumbags who did SIX MILLION dollars worth of damage on Christmas Island?

Will the judicial jerks order them given medals?

Time they were fired and replaced with patriots. There must be SOME Australian lawyers who put their country first.

  • BTW…

A –  who put the dirty scumbags up to going to court?


B – who paid the legal bills?

  • parasites
  • Betcha the answers to A and B are NOT the same!

Pinkos hate to put their hands in their own pockets when the public purse is open for grabs.




And the dirty scumbags thus vindicated by the judicial jerks?

Let the same JJs take the DSBs into their own luxurious homes.

Rest assured they won’t be there long, their rancid characters bound to put them behind bars again  – further costs thus draped on the decent working stiffs who have this ‘asylum’ albatross hanging perpetually around their necks.