Who Was Our Third Voter? Al K’s Fanatic Party Goes Nowhere, Fast!

al Khaththath  Al K


We all had a good laugh when the MUI/FUI/HTI/PBB ranter Muhammed Al Khaththath released a poll that showed Jakarta’s popular Governor Jokowi getting ZERO votes in the coming Presidential election.  http://www.merdeka.com/politik/fui-jokowi-jangan-kebelet-jadi-presiden.html 

Yesterday, in the legislature election, Jokowi’s party came top, nearly 20% in a wide field.

Incidentally, did anyone else see the Gov on the Indosiar dangdut show last night?


jokowi-twitter  Jokowi

Both he and Golkar Party leader Aburizal Bakrie appeared, showed good-natured behaviour  – and Jokowi sang!

A good voice, and interesting choice of song, Darah Muda’ (‘Young Blood’) one of fanatic Islamist candidate  Cry-Baby Islamist Wannabe – “Religious Harmony? Eliminate Destructive Religions!”  (and crooner, and ustad) Rhoma Irama’ s best known ballads.  


But back to the PBB, the Crescent Star Party, for which Al K was a candidate himself.


Yusril Mahendra and his lovely wife Rika (NB, no headscarf!)


  • There was an excellent item in detik.com this morning, including a photo of his PBB leader, Mahendra, with Mrs. Mahendra, looking very smart and cheerful outside their local polling station.

The results from that location I append below, and wonder, as Mr. and Mrs. M must also have wondered, who the one other person was, besides themselves, who voted PBB there. 

1. Nasdem 12 suara
2. PKB 2 suara
3. PKS 7 suara
4. PDIP 139 suara  (Jokowi’s Party)
5. Golkar 17 suara
6. Gerindra 35 suara
7. Demokrat 5 suara
8. PAN 5 suara
9. PPP 6 suara
10. Hanura 3 suara
11. PBB 3 suara
12. PKPI 1