The Epistles of St Julian to the Invasians!

The well-known pinko lawyer, Julian Burnside QC  (remember him – the geezer who wants ALL of Tasmania to become a place of detention), has launched an appeal for Australians to write letters to so-called ‘asylum’-seekers.



  • But doesn’t he trust Australians to send them direct?

He’s keeping the recipients’ contact details to himself…for practical reasons and for the sake of privacy

Write a letter, but not directed to a specific person.


I wonder why?


Maybe those cheeky upstarts…

Asylum’ Wasters Want Tax-Paid Boob-Jobs – Boot the Bludgers OUT! 

…who asked for  free boob-jobs might get LOTS of letters!

Okay, all joking aside, does Julian guarantee not to censor your letters?




If you politely suggest to a detainee that you’re sick and tired of the IMMENSE burden placed on hard-working citizens by him and his fellow-illegals, will it be sent on or binned?


Say who you are, so the recipient will not wonder whether you are acting for the government.


On the other hand,might I suggest you don’t give them your address?


A lot of them have kin in Oz already, who might decide to call by one night!


Tell them something about yourself.  Let them know that not all Australians are hostile to them.

Fair enough – explain that there are rich QCs and over-paid Green Senators who are DEFINITELY NOT hostile to them, Add a quick PS explaining that such arrogant elitists represent only a small minority of Australians.


 Be sensitive to their circumstances.

Yes, apologise if you’re interrupting riot-practice, or distracting them from enjoying their free meals.


Encourage them to write back to you.


The wisest course of action is…



If you do wish to get involved..


Send the letter to:

Julian Burnside

205 William St

Melbourne, 3000…...

It is simple.


And so is anyone who’s gulled into participation in this pathetic propaganda exercise. 


If you decide to take part in the letter writing campaign, you might like to share the responses you get, and encourage your friends to write to asylum seekers.


Or just send loads of letters to Julian,  nothing rude or unpleasant, just urging him to take in a few dozen ‘asylumer’ lodgers.


Of course if I were an old meanie, I might send a hundred or so charming letters, with made-up names and addresses, for him to send on to his little chums on Manus or wherever.

He obviously has loads of time in his hands and verifying every Epistle to the Invasians would give him something to do during Australia’s chilly season.  

But Heaven forbid exasperation with asinine apologists for crimmigrants would drive anyone to such lengths.

When’s the Vigil for “Asylum” Savages’ Victims? 


Even ABC Reports ‘Serious Assaults’ by Manus Crimmigrants! 

I’m sure Julian will show his essential fair-mindedness soon by asking people to send letters of sympathy and support to victims of crimes committed by ‘asylum’-seekers!