Brussels’ Citizens’ Initiative Exposed As Beggars’ Opera!




We get to see the true character of EUSSR ‘democracy’ when the in-crowd’s fave ideological icons are dissed.

That’s when the tantrums begin.

A second citizens’ initiative demanding a change in EU law courted controversy on Thursday (10 April) over its proposals to ban funding for abortion and reproductive health services in developing countries.


But the initiative is set to be far more divisive than the first citizens’ initiative that aimed at ensuring that all Europeans enjoyed the right to water.

Of course it is!

Democracy is ABOUT division, with a majority out-voting a minority.

referndmlet peole vote

Of course the petition is ‘divisive!’

Why should it not be?

If petitioners only petitioned on things everyone is agreed on, there’s precious little point in petitioning!

Critics of the campaign say that, if successful, it would cut €120 million in EU development aid each year that is spent on maternal and reproductive healthcare…. 

But that’s not true. The petition cannot be successful. It cannot compel the ruling elite to do anything, nor even force them to hold a referendum.. 

No matter if it had been signed by a majority of people in every subject-state of the EUSSR, it has no power to do anything, except be noted by the Commissars.




In just the same way as King Xerxes would receive a supplicant, listen to his pleas, then ponder. If the  ruler deemed it fitting, the ruler might act, but if not…forget it, chum!

Under the rules governing the citizens’ initiative, introduced in 2012, the EU executive is required to respond to the campaign within three months, but is under no obligation to revise EU law.

So the petitioners are guaranteed to get a nice wee letter saying thanks for your petition, contents noted!


But I DID say the petitioners deserve a fair hearing.

And already, the arbitrary arrogance of the European supranational regime has made itself crystal-clear.


Martin-Schulz  Schulz


….in a letter sent to Parliament president Martin Schulz prior to the hearing, Puppinck accused the assembly of organising a “sham hearing” by allocating speaking time to MEPs who opposed their campaign.

(Mr. Puppick is the petition organiser)

And it looks like  Marie Geoghegan Quinn and Andris Piebalgs, the two Commissars who have control of ‘research’ and ‘international development’ have studied Xerxes’ style.

They announced they would be  “very much in a listening mode!”

Sorry, Mr Puppinck, that – translated from EurocRat-speak – means you ain’t got a snowball’s chance in hell.

The European Parliament came fourth from bottom in a league table of 27 “liked” countries and institutions.Wow! Strasbourg’s Nicer Than Pyongyang! 


Because all those Euro-Commissars will listen much more carefully to hysterical cultural marxist hogwash like that reported from the Tower of Babel, aka the ‘parliament,’ where the Leader of the Socialist MEPS, Hannes Swoboda, even manages to drag in Strasbourg’s pet project, the poofters! 

“What is presented as a European Citizens’ Initiative appears to be actually funded by extremist religious and political channels, and closely tied to organisations that are lobbying from the US to Africa against women’s and LGBTI rights!” 

How abortion and embryo research can be related to queers, I really cannot fathom. But we’ve met this frothing lunatic before

Meet the S and D President

Hannes Swoboda, president of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament, said: “The xenophobic, aggressive climate inflamed by populists such as UKIP and by the rhetoric of the Conservatives in government is now leading to murder in the streets of Britain.

Mental Health Among the Europhiliacs – ‘Murder,’ He Shrilled! 

Off his bloody rocker!

And Svoboda’s got a nerve to whine about extremists funding propaganda lobby gangs when the European Commission does so all the time! 

Self-Glorifying EuroSwine Dig Snouts Deeper Into Public Purse! 


Euro Puppets – Hired Guns Warring Down the People?


elite arrogance-s


But I do look forward to a new petition to stop Brussels from sticking its long nasty nose into the domestic affairs of Third World countries on such matters as so-called ‘gay’ rights, or even the death penalty.

Because that would illustrate even more dramatically how hollow this ECI foolery truly is – the Commissars have made it plain from the start that any such attempt to promote traditional European values and/or democratic wishes would be ruled out of order.  

Initiatives are prohibited from being “contrary to EU values.  

EUSSR…Participatory Democracy? – A Travesty…Common Identity? – A Joke! 

These uppity pinkos have no values except cultural marxism, which disdains real values, as most European people have long understood them.