‘Hate’ Conclave Goes Ahead in Bandung Amid Minority Protests

Despite protests from the tiny Shia minority here that the participants are promoting ‘hatred’; the Anti-Shia Alliance are today holding their get-together in Bandung (yes, West Java. of course) but a lot of people in the majority Sunni community are trying to distance themselves from the fanatic conclave.

Shia spokesman, Hesti Rahardja, said that the planned event would not so much create hatred against the Shia community as a whole, but more against individual Shia followers…“This spirit [of hatred] will surely spread. This is what we are concerned about.” 


  • ahmad-heryawan Heryawan, of the Muslim Brotherhood-style party, PKS
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  • Previously, it was understood West Java’s Governor Heryawan was attening, but it seems he has found better things to do.

His political courage shone through, though, as he declined to tell the media if he supported the event or not!

Even the local MUI ‘scholars’ provincial chairman, our old friend Rafani Achyar, has said hs organisation was not invited, so won’t attend.

But according to the JP report, two leading lights do plan to go.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/04/20/shiites-protest-anti-shia-declaration-bandung.html


  • Rafani Rafani

I’d have thought that one could disagree with doctrine but refrain from describing yourself as anti-Shia.

I disagree with Catholic doctrine, and many other doctrines, but I don’t think of myself as in any way anti-Catholic. Were I, how could i have allowed today’s house-guest continually to switch my tv from the news to the Pope’s Easter mass!

But here…?

Respect for religious differences breaks down rapidly if triumphalists feel challenged. A mob of Sunni savages murdered two Shia and burned out an entire village in Sampang.

And it’s not just ignorant rabble at fault.

The ghastly Minister of Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali, contributed his mite towards tolerance for these harmless people too.


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 Sad, really. 

Happy Easter, everyone!