UK MultiCult Poll – It All Depends!

A poll by the often reliable Lord Ashcroft was published, deliberately timed, it seems, to mark the anniversary of Enoch Powell’s famous ‘rivers of blood’ speech, which of course he never made.


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  • I have said often, but keep having to say again and again, that Powell, the greatest PM the UK never had, used no such phrase. Its constant repetition by journalists (who undoubtedly know they are lying) indicates as best as anything could the poisonous dishonesty that permeates the ‘British’ media.

Enoch quoted the ancient Sybilline prophecy which foresaw the waters of Rome’s River Tiber foaming blood-red,  Rome entering a terrible time of troubles.

And by God he was spot on.


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When helping parents fight the imposition of a multicult curriculum on their local school, years ago, I cautioned one dad who wanted to speak in the debate. He had prepared a speech using the term ‘multiracial’ where he meant to use ‘multicultural.’

I pointed out that we had no quarrel with people of different racial origins who had embraced a British identity.

Plenty of those GOOD immigrants existed then, and today, people like those I’ve mentioned before, those two UKIP candidates, one from Sri Lanka, one a black man in Croydon, guys a different colour from me but just as true in their allegiance to Queen and Country as any – more so than some Lab/Lib/Con MPs, I’d say.


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Of course it’s iniquitous, nothing less describes forcing girls to sit separately from boys on the class-room, and it’s downright wicked to have them all listen to a traitor ‘cleric’ who endorses sectarian terror gangs.

But that’s multiculturalism!

If you invite aliens in and say there’s no need for them to abandon their barbarism, whether its pernicous nonsense like ‘honour-killings,’ or polygamy, or child-marriage, or forced marriage, or female circumcision, or primitive inheritance laws that discriminate against women, that’s ENTIRELY RIGHT AND PROPER – if you’re sincerely in favour of treating all cultures with equal respect.


On the other hand, it’s entirely wrong and improper if you’re –

A    a decent human being


B    British (or Canadian, or American, or Australian)


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  • That’s what Enoch surely foresaw, and why multicult must go.