Hail in Jakarta, Hell in Aceh – Girls Who Look Like Girls May Be ‘Detained!’

Suuny morning, and I await today’s visitor. Later I’ll go out, weather permitting!

Yesterday afternoon, I had just disembarked at Halte Busway Grogol, aiming to see if Hero Supermarket had any decent discounts, when I got a call.


“Where are you and what are you doing?”

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  • ……………………………..
  • Such calls are a feature of many guys’ existence here, reflecting the widespread belief among the other half of the population that, if not closely monitored, our movements will take us to bars or equally sinful places.  

I answered honestly, and added that the sun was shining brightly.

It was indeed a lovely hot arvo, but the instant reply came.

“It’s raining heavily here.” As if that refuted the rest of my defence!

Then suddenly the sky turned dark, and withing minutes a ferocious downpour began. I took refuge in the premises of a small tukang ramput to have a much-needed hair-cut. As the deluge only increased in intensity, I skipped Hero, piled into an angkot and headed for home.


Heaviest rain I’ve seen.

And when I dismounted and walked home (via the warteg, for a very late lunch) I heard people along the way talking about hujan es. HAIL! Putting this down to exaggeration, I held the brolly high and made it safely to my sanctuary, where, switching on the news, I learned the truth. It had indeed hailed, in parts of West jakarta!

Hail in the Tropics.

But a bit further north, in Aceh, it’s pure HELL!

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– According to draft bylaw guidelines, the Home Ministry has the right to verify a bylaw or edict for 60 days after it is approved by a province, including Aceh. 


acehnightmare Masked brute whips little girl – Aceh shariah law in action

If the central government fails to give any clarification within 60 days, the bylaw will automatically be enforced.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/04/16/sharia-offenders-be-counseled-detained.html


If anyone expects the Government of the ‘world’s largest Muslim democracy’ to step in and defend sanity, please note that the Home Ministry is headed by none other than Gamawan Fauzi, a man notorious for iniquitous shariah bye-laws in his local patch before he became one of President SBY’s Cabinet.


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When Gamawan was elected West Sumatra governor in 2005, an outcry greeted his bylaw on a 9 p.m. curfew for women unless they were accompanied by a male relative. Passed in a bid to curb prostitution, a number of female university students and workers were arrested when they returned from campus or workplaces in the eveninghttp://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2010/08/21/sharia-bylaws-find-hurdles-w-sumatra.html.

What the latest report is on about is the Aceh administration’s approval of the Qanun Hukum Acara Jinayat (criminal code procedure) bylaw authorizes sharia police in the province to detain any person suspected of violating sharia for a maximum of 20 days, if initial counseling of the offender proves ineffective.

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  • “This is in accordance with the bylaw, which stipulates that we have the authority to detain sharia offenders,” Aceh Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) and Wilayatul Hisbah (WH) sharia police law enforcement unit chief Samsuddin said on Tuesday.

    And yes, offenders will include any Acehnese  – or visiting  – females who dare to look like females.

Sharia police have set up a special detention house at their headquarters… the sharia police have intensified raids on public areas. They target public transportation users who are caught not wearing jilbab (Islamic headscarves). The sharia police also typically target women wearing tight clothing, including tight jeans.
…Samsuddin said that sharia was applicable to everyone in Aceh, including tourists visiting the province, especially Muslims.

HUH?  Especially Muslims?

That clearly means that while Muslims may be singled out by the sectarian goon-squad, citizens (and tourists) of other religions will face harassment too, yeah?

YES! And no!

On Dec. 13, 2013, the Aceh provincial administration officially implemented the Acara Jinayat procedural bylaw, which requires everyone in Aceh to abide by sharia. The edict also applies to non-Muslims, whether they reside in Aceh or are visiting the province….

BUT…this outrageous triumphalist attempt to bully non-Muslims has clearly embarrassed somebody up there, because Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullah said the implementation of sharia, as stipulated by bylaw No. 11/2002, was only for Muslims….

Frankly, nobody in their right mind would seriously contemplate visiting such a backward, bigoted place.

If the Government in Jakarta wishes to restore Indonesia’s good name abroad, after all the damage done by the likes of the FPI and Suryadharma Ali, then interdicting this stuff up north would be among the first steps to take.

 But it ain’t gonna happen, not yet awhile anyway, and what’s worse is that we have senior voices from the state-funded MUI right here in Jakarta echoing the sectarian sexism up north. Here’s their spokeswoman, speaking on police uniforms. 

 A world without curves…hell on earth! In case you’ve forgotten, here’s how girls are meant to look, as designed by their Creator!

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  • Until enough sensible Muslims get fed up with what’s being done in their name, and do something about it, AVOID Aceh!.