Nice One, SCOTUS! Michigan Students Freed From PC Discrimination

Good news from America, where the Supreme Court on Tuesday 2nd April threw out a moronic ruling from a lower court that not only enshrined racism but also spat in the face of democratic principle!



Only two of the Justices voted in favour of Michigan’s ban on affirmative action in education, one of the most poisonous and discriminatory aspects of PC nonsense that the USA has so far seen..

The voters of the state had given clear approval to the ban in 2006, but despite that, the Sixth Circuit five years later sought to trump the electorate and impose its own PC prejudice.

Now Michigan legally ensures no unfair discrimination in college admissions.




 In some states, the leftwing ‘affirmative action’ programmes have allowed less intelligent applicants from ethnic minorites to by-pass other more gifted students, purely on grounds of race or colour..

Sonia Sotomayor and  Ruth Bader Ginsburg were the two rogue judges, and that’s not surprising, given Bader’s lamentable record and Sotomayer’s ‘previous’ before Obama put her on the Court a year ago