Wow! Blue Bird Beauties! What Next, Sexy Ojeks?


  • Sopir Taksiku Ketemu Hantu Tanah Kusir?

Indonesia’s largest taxi group Blue Bird Group Holding has expressed a desire to employ more female drivers.

So says the useful Bali site  –   and I think that’s good news for several reasons.

First of all, on a serious level, many women here are wary of taking taxis, especially after dark

No more than any other profession, I suppose, the cabbie profession will have its share of bad eggs, and if it’s a long journey though empty streets, the risk is always there.

There can be, true, problems on public transport also, but at least there are generally other people on board, at least some of whom may have enough public spirit, or common decency, to come to the aid of a lady in distress.

On the other hand, a lady driver too can face hazards, but the company says it understands this.  

The President Director of Blue Bird, Nono S.A. Purnomo has made assurances that safety will remain the prime consideration for both Blue Bird’s passengers and drivers.


Calm down, guys, they will wear the same uniforms as male drivers!


However, it will mean a review of one’s own personal etiquette when boarding a Bluebird.

If I’m with somebody, of course we sit in the back seat together.

But on my own?

I deem it only courteous to sit up front beside the driver.

In fact that was how I first gained some proficiency with the Indonesian language – just kept asking what this was, what that was, and the drivers were often happy to serve as teachers. The journeys were all the faster and more pleasant, for me, and, it’s to be hoped, for them.

But if it’s a gal up front, what should we do?

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  • Some might welcome a bule beside them, but on the other hand, some might regard us as predatory threats, not without good reason, given some of the expats who lurk in Blok M bars!

Best just to ask them, I guess, if they mind me sitting next to them. 

Purnomo said that a female driver could earn Rp. 4 million (US$350) per month.

If the busker on my bus is a girl, she gets a larger donation – no doubt my innate chivalry will result in a pretty cabbie getting a bigger tip too! 

However, what’s going to happen if lady ojeks take to the roads?




Jakarta’s ubiquitous bikers-for-hire, whom I try not to use, because of their avaricious approach to foreigners (not all, but too many!) are all male, at the moment.  


Bike And Girl Wallpaper (14)

But just imagine!