Farage Condemned By Left Media For NOT Playing Their Lying Game!


Ukip soars to top of polls despite Farage ducking byelection battle


The Guardian’s headline exemplifies the twisted and obsessive desperation of the UK political/media establlishment with regard to UKIP.

For months now, the Brtish liberal elite, and that certainly includes the so-called ‘Conservative’ Party, has been railing that the party challenging their ruinous domination of British politics is a ‘one-man band.’

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Without Farage’s wit and persona, it would fall apart- not bloody likely!

The lick-spittle media whine and moan and rant about Farage, wittering mindlessly that it’s he alone that makes UKIP a force to reckon with, not the thousands of patriots rallying to reclaim their country from treason.

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  • Now, when Farage calls their bluff and prefers to lead his team into the Euro-elections, rather than rush into a distraction, the Newark by-election, what do we hear?

They’re all up in arms, hypocritical and hysterical headlines deploring the truth, that UKIP is NOT a one-man band, that they have plenty of other people fit and ready to stand in Newark, and that it’s up to Newark’s UKIP members to organise their by-election campaign.

Cameron is well -known for imposing ghastly candidates on areas of which they know nothing.






Why on earth would UKIP wish to emulate that oily clown?