Another School Scandal – Teachers Say Indecent Exposure’s Okay!

Absolutely astonishing report about the anti-decency activism of Canadian teachers, and other union activists, who are harrying a member of Toronto District School Board.

His offence?

He wants police to prevent indecent exposure in public places where  children are likely to be present.


Sam Sotiropoulos questioned public nudity

Sam Sotiropoulos


For this, Sam Sotiropoulos has been denounced by the pro-queer Campaign for Public Education, who seem shocked by his opposition to naked men prancing about on the infamous Toronto Pride Parade.

 “We didn’t think to ask him about nudity at Pride. We didn’t think that would be one of his issues. Now we know that he’s just nasty. He’s a dangerous person!” 




Other teachers belonging to the  Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario LGBTQ Committee  are even demanding he repay an election campaign donation. 

 “We’re sadly disappointed. We will not be endorsing him again.”




Most telling, perhaps, is that from a Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) organiser, named John Weatherup, who probably reflects the undesirables’ real concern, that their conduct might become a matter of debate across the city once (very long ago!) known as Toronto the Good.

It is so inappropriate for Sam to make these types of comments and start this sort of debate!” 

Good grief. A debate? How dare he start a debate?

We can’t have that, honest citizens asking why aberrant exhibitionists should be allowed to strut their revolting stuff stark-naked in the streets of a major Canadian city.


toronto-dyke-march-2011-6-300x257 Charming lesbian marchers, Toronto, 2011


We reported on Sam Sotiropoulos three months ago, when he had caused uproar among the city’s maladjusted minorities by urging police to enforce the law against public nudity at at the sleazy parade.


Toronto Teachers – “Hands Off Naked Buggers Parading in Public!” 


Since then, his bid to get Board backing for his plea was defeated, after another union, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) said his efforts constituted “direct discrimination, systemic discrimination.”

Evidently these ‘educators’ reckon any suggestion that indecent exposure by so-called ‘gays’ on the public highway is unacceptable…amounts to  “harassment!” 


But the real risk of harassment is surely what Sotiropoulos allegedly referred to last month. When he appeared on Newstalk 1010 April 11, Sotiropolous asked host Jim Richards how Pride organizers can guarantee all participants are actually gay, insinuating that there may be pedophiles lurking in the crowds. “Can you definitely guarantee to me that there may not be a kiddy-diddler mixed up among them?”

I’m all for Sam’s fight, but I must say that comes across as if he thinks there are ‘gays’ AND THEN there are ‘pedophiles.’


Predators and Child Molestors


True, not every homo is a predator, but unfortunately, the statistics show that child-molestation has been more common among the ‘gay’ community than among sexually normal people.

However…good luck to him. It’s a brave man in Toronto that takes a stand against evil.

Our quotes come from a magazine called Now, and you should read the link, which has caused the object of its overtly biased rant (headline –Homophobic trustee’s backers ask for money back)  to demand an apology and threaten further action if he doesn’t get one.

But more important than one man’s legal action is how long will decent Toronto folk tolerate this creepy cavalcade?

Last word to Sam – “I believe this board is out of touch with the majority of the population in this city, and has been for quite some time,” he says. “The vast majority of the public stands behind my motion. They didn’t come forward out of fear of being labelled.”