UKIP – Bullied Brits Reveal Their Secret Identity – Patriotism Lives!

Our post on UKIP last week arose from a pinko piece in the pinkos’ fave paper.

Farage Condemned By Left Media For NOT Playing Their Lying Game!

And it’s worth looking at again, for it also covered a poll that showed UKIP had reached the impressive figure of 38% as the Euro-election approaches.

Even the poll organiser described this as spectacular!

And so it is, but of course those pollsters still felt obliged to play the Enemy Within’s game, by including a question about the racist character of the people’s party. 

Racist of course is a key weapon in the arsenal deployed by the cultural marxist ruling class and its running dogs in the media (and academia) to cow opposition to multicult.





If you think the colonisation of large areas of the UK by alien immigrants is a bad thing – which it indisputably is – then you’re a racist.

If you think ‘British jobs for British workers’ is a good idea, then you’re a racist.

If you give a tot a golliwog to play with, you’re a racist.

Ludicrously, if you think – or at least say – that multicult, the ideology that says non-Brit cultures deserve parity of esteem with Brit cultures, in Britain, makes no sense and is bad, then you’re a racist!


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  • So for years, the in-crowd, imcreasingly using the gestapified cops to back up their apparatus of rights commissions and equality tribunals, with fines and imprisonments topping up the in-house re-education camps known as diversity training courses, have hounded as racist any British people who think any of the above heretical thoughts.

Needless to say, most people do not want to be abused or persecuted or fired for expressing common sense patriotism. So they keep quiet.





That’s basically all the cultural marxists want, effective intimidation, because the longer ideas or ideals are left unspoken, the faster they will fade away.

Indoctrination is the name of the game, make people ashamed of patriotism.  

The passing of the WW2 generation has facilitated this process. They had love of country engrained in their souls, and nobody could erase it.  Their kids too – my age-group – were indelibly infected with the Union Jack virus, but have in many cases learned the virtues of silence  -not me, I’m unteachable!

And yet…the memory is there.

What parents can instil in their young can only partly be suppressed by state bullying. The East and Central Europeans have shown us that.






The rebellious spirit that always animates youth has helped mums and dads fortify their offspring against the PC poison they face daily when they step across their thresholds. 

I’ve seen it for myself, back when I was an activist.  The huge upsurge of national pride in the Falklands War was not confined to older folk. When I spoke at a rally for ‘Victory Before Peace’ in 1982, the majority of the cheering crowd were teens and twenties. 




My point? The docile demeanour of many of Her Majesty’s British subjects is a practiced dissimulation, behind which their true and honourable identity has been biding its time and keeping the faith.   

It would be interesting to learn how many of the 32% who think UKIP is racist are also planning to vote for it, at least partially on the grounds that common sense patriotism is denounced as racist, and therefore they see UKIP as what they need, a common sense patriotic party.