Cast-Iron Calls Obama – Let’s Get Adams Off the Hook!

It’s no surprise at all that the Sinn Fein/IRA gangster Martin ‘Murder Inc.’ McGuinness has threatened to withdraw republican support for the police if the Sinn Fein president is charged with ordering the abduction and killing of Jean McConville in 1972.


tony_blair_gerry_adams1 Adams and Bliar, who gave him power and privilege


Scum like McGuinness fear a trial – who knows who else will be named?

And Sinn Fein/IRA have never ‘supported’ the police. They murdered plenty,  maimed many more, and were rewarded by Blair and Major’s appeasement regimes at Westminster with power and privilege….




….plus the extra perk of seeing the same police humiliated, the Royal Ulster Constabulary renamed and their replacement force told not to fly their country’s flag at police stations.

So that’s hardly news, but Cast-Iron Cameron’s ridiculous antics are.

Not only has the contemptible clown been making calls to Murder Inc., but he has also been once more demonstrating his role as HMV,  giving regular updates to Washington – which pays close interest to Northern Irish politics.




It’s a damned disgrace that Her Majesty’s Prime Minister should be discussing the internal affairs of the United Kingdom with any foreign state, much less Obama, a known enemy of British people under threat, as his offensive use of the Argie term for the Falkland Island reminded us recently. 

Today, the British Falklands, Tomorrow, the British Isles! 

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Since the time of the girl-drowner Edward Kennedy, American intrusion in Ulster has been both illegitimate and destructive. 

But I have learned some things I didn’t know from this Daily Mail today.

I live a long way from the country of my ancestors and don’t always catch every bit of bad news, so I was shocked to learn that a notorious republican now holds the post of Director of Public Prosecutions there.

No wonder the daughter of Mrs. McConville has raised concerns that any decision on charges would be made by prosecutors led by Adams’ former lawyer Barra McGrory QC.

That McGrory not only represented the Beast of Belfast but also relatives of those three IRA swine who were taken out splendidly by the SAS in Gibraltar some sixteen years back.

It’s all very well for a spokesman to say this geezer won’t take any part in decisions on the current Adams case, but HOW THE HELL was he given that position in the first place?

And what’s his republican excuse for using the title QC?




The victim’s daughter is to be applauded for her courage in saying she’ll name names of the IRA vermin involved, as a ‘duty to her mother.’

But Cameron will do all he can, along with his minion Theresa Villiers, the current Northern Ireland Secretary. to get Adams off the hook.

We only this day got the news that Downing Street has been guilty of something close to treason, ensuring Royal Pardons for Sinn Fein filth guilty of heinous crimes against humanity. The secret royal pardons for IRA terrorists: MP attacks ‘cover-up 

Kate Hoey,  one of the few Labour MPs with integrity, said that the Queen had been put in an ‘invidious’ position. ‘I want to know who all these people are. I think that the public will want to know!

And it would also be nice to know who arranged the disappearanece of two year’s worth of records of royal pardons – how many were REALLY issued?

None of them, it seems, were ever listed in official government journals, the Belfast Gazette or the London Gazette, as would normally be the case.

In case non-British readers aren’t aware of the details, the Mail offers a brief account of the McConville murder.

December 1972: Neighbours claim they saw Jean McConville helping a wounded British soldier in west Belfast and the following day she was attacked and beaten in a bingo hall. She was found wandering the streets with no memory of what had happened.

The next evening a gang of IRA members smashed into her home and abducted her, with one member returning a day later with her purse and wedding ring.

1999: For 27 years the IRA refused to admit it was involved in her murder. But then it passed information to police in the Republic of Ireland that her body was under a beach in County Louth. Officers searched for her but found nothing and the hunt was abandoned.

2003: A huge storm washed away an embankment at Shelling Beach, revealing the body of Mrs McConville. A post mortem examination revealed she had been mutilated and had broken bones. She was shot in the back of the head while kneeling, experts said.