Fanatic Stirs JIS Storm – MUI’s Asrorun Demands Sectarian Schooling!

It had to happen, that unhealthy obsession that afflicts so many aspects of life here.

I refer to sectarianism, of course.  

And in particular to an outlandish intervention from  the Chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) Asrorun Ni’am Sholeh.

Morality of STUDENTS?

It’s not THEIR morality that seems to have been the problem, but that of  the creatures who have been arrested on charges of sexually abusing students, right?


In fact, as I suspected, and just saw it confirmed on RCTI’s lunchtime news, JIS does teach history and social responsibility, and of course religion, but not in the narrow sectarian way the latter is taught in many local schools, not to mention the numerous pesantren (Islamic boarding schools) whom I have mentioned more than once!

Islamist Pesantren Leaders in Indonesia – Pluralist or Primitive? 


If the sort of character fostered by schooling is in any way relevant to JIS, I’d have thought it more useful had Asrorun devoted some attention to the schools the alleged molestors were taught in!


asrorun-niam-sholeh-_110920193748-249 Asrorun in Fatwa mode! 


JIS teaches all their students about all religions, no attempts to indoctrinate them one way or the other.

And clearly each creed’s version of morality is covered thereby.


So is Asrorun trying to forge a link in the public mind between this absence of brain-washing and the ‘development of the morals of students‘ and/or  is he somehow promoting his own  religious agenda?


You see, when I read his words, my first thought was that this sort of stuff was more likely to ooze forth from the FPI or the MUI than from a serious organisation concerned with child protection.

And lo, when I searched for a photo of Asrorun for this post, where did I find one – on the MUI’s own website!

  • MUI-Indonesia 


The last thing JIS needs now is interference from anyone connected to the MUI….


  • ma'arruf amin  Ma’aruf


…whose Deputy Chair is none other than our old pal Ma’aruf Amin, who made that infamous comment that FGM is a ‘human right!’

  • Does Asrorun  agree with his MUI colleague, that it’s okay to snip at little girls’ private parts? 

If so, how did he get involved in a body which purports to promote child protection?