Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep!

Now I lay me down to sleep, tired after a very long walk along one of West Jakarta’s main roads, checking every minimart for Lucky Strike Hijau. A mile or two, I guess. On a hot sunny day.




Finally got them, only five packs, all that Superindo had.

But having started with those seven words, recalling childhood prayers, I just note briefly a rare victory for God in America.

It seems the Supreme Court ruled, by 5 votes to 4, that a small town can open its council meetings with a prayer.

Hard to believe that within living memory the USA was not at war with Christianiiy but in fact had regular, daily, I think, prayers in every school, and nobody objected, nobody suffered.

No cr%p then about ‘separation of church and state,’ words which don’t even appear in the Constitution.




But ever since that deranged decision in 1950 or thereabouts, the ACLU, Anti-Christian Lawsuit Union, has been reacting to the sight of a cross anywhere in a manner more to be expected on the part of Count Dracula!

Nice to see the real America win one, at last!