Lucky Strike Hijau – Daft Old BAT!

I have to nominate British American Tobacco for the most unhelpful customer service in the universe.



After toiling diligently and walking miles around this steamy tropical city, trying ever more desperately to locate SOME shop that still sells my favourite brand of smokes, I decided to go to the top, and emailed BAT to ask for help.




Here’s their utterly useless reply!

Thank you for your enquiry. It is not our intention to market, advertise or
promote our brands on our website. Furthermore, the advertising, marketing
and promotion of tobacco products are highly regulated. Therefore, I am
sorry but we are unable to suggest specific retail outlets that may sell
this brand. However, we would like to thank you for thinking of British
American Tobacco and wish you every success for the future.

Sod them!

Why do they HAVE a website if they won’t help answer a simple question!


I’m switching to Dunhill.

Another good reason to buy menthol fags is that the EUSSR just banned them!


At least the miserable looking guy in their ads gets

A a cute chick,

B a groovy car and

C a chance to drive across Tower Bridge in London, as I noted last month…

Why Doesn’t Dunhill Man Smile? 

…with the warm wind in his hair.

I wonder if he gets better customer service from Dunhill than I got from BAT!