UK Suspends Bali Vice-Consul – No Action On What’s REALLY Out of Order!

One has to feel a tad perplexed by British Vice-Consul Alys Harahap’s refusal to comment, given she was reportedly caught by prison officials while passionately embracing a convict named Julian Ponder whilst visiting him in her official capacity at Bali’s Kerobokan Prison.




Harahap has been placed on suspension by The Foreign Office while an investigation is carried out in regards to charges of inappropriate behavior and the violation of prison rules.
The Bali news site tells us that Ponder is linked to the Lindsay Sandiford case – the English grandmother sentenced to death for smuggling cocaine into Bali in 2013.
I won’t pause to ask why that ould bat is always referred to as a grandmother, when male prisoners of advanced years are not invariably descirbed as grandfathers!
Sexism, methinks!
But I will note that the Prison Governor says he’s had no official complaint and that a former UK consul has suggested it was just an encouraging hug!
What strikes me as odd is that this case merits suspension, but other British diplomatic personnel are never suspended, much less sanctioned, by the Foreign Office, when they flagrantly flout the fundamental principle of non-interference in Indonesia’s internal affairs. 
How else can we categorise their scurrying around Jakarta, at the behest of Brussels, seeking to save the skins of scumbags who risk death sentences for their assorted crimes? Would William Hague welcome Jakarta sticky-beaks telling Britons how to run their country?
These UK lackey missions on behalf of the EUSSR are not only inappropriate but out of order, blatantly defying the wishes of the British people, who want capital punishment restored and who have NEVER been given a referendum on the issue.