Pinko Guardian Proves UKIP Voters Are Smarter Than the Rest!

Only 3% of Ukip supporters say that they trust politicians and only 10% trust the government, compared with 8% and 15% respectively for other people.

Pretty darned smart, I’d say, after the Maria Miller scandal, and all the others, and the pedophile horror story arising from Cyril Smith’s gargantuan grave, with today’s LibDems franctically operating a cover-up to protect those still in power who DID cover up the original pederasty saga.


Canada Court - School Ruling Today - Parents' Rights or Perv Propaganda?EU-anticorruption-060611

Not to mention the forsworn pledges by EVERY party on an EUSSR referendum.

And this?

The research, conducted by Opinium for the Guardian among 2,000 voters last week, showed 92% of those planning to vote Ukip in the European polls agree with the statement “mass immigration is making parts of the UK unrecognisable and like a foreign land”

Only somebody stone-blind could NOT fail to see what’s happened.  If you live in an isolated forest somewhere, then read that book I reviewed a year or two ago,

A Good Read? ‘Merry Englistan,’ from the Front Line. 

  and ask yourself if the UKIP voters are not SPOT ON! 


And what else emerges from the Guardian’s poll?


Ukip supporters are less likely than the average Briton to trust a broad range of institutions, including trade unions (35% less likely to trust than average Briton), the judiciary and courts (34% less likely), banks (29% less likely) police (24% less likely) and UK universities (17% less likely)


Trades unions have long been in the hands of Un-British cabals – probably not, as in the 1960s, because of ballot-rigging, but because many union members are too lazy to take part in union affairs, whilst marxist subversives are industrious. Whatever the reason, unions may still seek to negotiate wages and working conditions, but they also promote far-left policies on domestic and overseas policies. They should not be regarded as trustworthy.


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  • The judiciary has proven largely a malevolent influence on British life. Even though laws are often idiotic, judges do not use what discretion they have to punish evil-doers or kick out alien ratbags, and most seem happy to act as running-dogs for the anti-democratic ECHR.


Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court

They cannot be counted as trustworthy.


The Police have been transformed into pliant accomplices to the PC cultural marxist agenda. Citizens have been charged with ‘crimes’ like quoting the Bible ( and quoting Winston Churchill!)



  • And who can forget the moronic cop who arrested an undergraduate for telling a police-horse it looked ‘gay.’

The frequency of such outrageous misconduct by police shows it’s no mere aberration but deliberate policy – even if those thus persecuted are eventually released unprosecuted, it’s an effective tactic in the war on free speech – who wants to be hauled off for saying what they think, and be forced to hire costly lawyers?

Police are not trustworthy today.



Banks? Come off it!


Oh, yes, universities, which have been so degraded in quality, since John Major’s imbecilic expansion, that instead of the top five percent, it’s likely more than half the population gets into uni, which ipso facto means the academic ability level is lower – hence the intensification of ‘No Platform’ and the antics of those cretin kids at Aberystwyth.

Welshing on Freedom – Aberystwyth Students’ Press Cenorship 

Their profs and lecturers can almost always be relied on… 

Representatives from the National Union of Journalists, the National Union of Teachers and the University and College Union turned out in support of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.

…to veer far to the left of even the Labour Party

Why would anyone have confidence in these cardboard cut-out colleges?

So this poll, on the face of it, proves that UKIP people are more perceptive, realistic and plain downright sensible than those who support the disreputable parties of the discredited establishment.

congratulationssuperjob  NICE ONE, GUARDIAN!