Happy Poofters Day -17th May

Just off to catch a few zeds now.

I slept long and soundly last night, clearly a man with nothing on his conscience!

Then awoke to hear the birds’ dawn chorus, and a cat demanding breakfast.


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  • That duty done, I inspected recent news from the Old Country.
  • I got the first draft done of this post.
  • Then nodded off again on the sofa!
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Matthew Parris is a gadfly journo in the UK. He’s also ‘gay.’

I mentioned him a week ago, after he had a go at UKIP. 

Cringing Cast-Iron ‘Considers’ Facing Farage! 

But he deserves respect, for he did Britain a great service when he exposed Bliar’s right (left?) hand man, Mandelson, as a queer.

So for that good work, at least, I hope he has a nice day today.


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What was actually more interesting than Mandelson’s peculiarities was the fact that just about everyone in the political establishment apparently already knew this!

But outside that magic (fairy?) circle, nobody knew!

The in-crowd protected the abnormal sex life of the Prime Minister’s ex-Communist confidante from public opprobrium.

And Parris paid a price for his honesty, a price which showed the people of Britain that the BBC was indeed both a nest of homophiles and an outfit intent on suppressing truths about its fave celebs – the latter fact resonates with recent events too, surely.

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Questions were asked at the top level of the BBC and all future references to the outrage were banned from the airwaves. Jeremy Paxman creepily delivered a personal letter of apology to Mandelson’s home, and Parris was abruptly sacked from his lucrative column in the Sun newspaper.  http://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/matthew-parris-id-bet-money-on-cameron-persisting-with-gay-marriage-8216153.html


Those who recall that episode will also remember the related, and very disturbing, sequence of events, which began with The Sun’s headlines –


“Tell us the truth Tony: are we being run by a gay Mafia?”

Their political editor, Trevor Kavanagh, warned of the danger homo ministers would collaborate- he said the public had a right to know who was queer.

There was also mention of “over-representation of gays at ministerial level” and “gay proselytisers” in the House of Commons.  Pity the warning wasn’t heeded because it was clearly spot on.


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But suddenly the power of the gay mafia was shown in all its satanic majesty.

Only TWO DAYS after that headline asking Bliar for the truth,  The Sun announced its surrender – it would no longer “out” covert queers!

If the Sun’s investigators hadn’t turned their coats thus, how many kids might have been saved from the attentions of Cyril Smith, and who knows who else?



  • All the above is just a much-needed reminder of modern history and how the gaystapo regime in the British Isles is no sudden eclipse of decency but a long-running process.
  • Exactly why this moral collapse has occurred is a vexing question.
  • Nothing like this can happen without a ‘grand design’ of some sort, and I see there is a new book out in America http://superstore.wnd.com/books/Current-Affairs/A-Queer-Thing-Happened-to-America-Hardcover which tries to analyse the moral disaster which has now spread, if possible more viciously, to the USA, where even a left-lib like Bill Maher recognises the danger to democracy.. 

Maher: “There Is A Gay Mafia — If You Cross Them, You Do Get Whacked”

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So a big plus to Parris in honour of that service.

And a very Happy Poofter Day! (I believe it’s officially known as IDAHO -International Day Against Homophobia) which would have annoyed my late Cousin Walter immensely -he lived on a farm near the city of Boise, Idaho.