Candle-Lit Vigil Coming for ‘Asylum’ Child-Sex Predator?

A group of priests, nuns and pastors gathered outside Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday to pray for the welfare of Australian childen at risk from ‘asylum’ seeker rapists and child-molestors.

They also offered prayers for the soul of Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, asking God to bless his endeavours to remove the ‘refugee’ Ali Jaffari from Australia...

  •  Ali Jaffari
  • oooooooooooooooooooooooJaffari.

Don’t all rush to follow that link to the whole report, because it will never be written.

I composed it as a sort of joke, and maybe it’s in bad taste.

But no worse than the sour taste left after reading about those ecclesiastical asses who made a spectacle of themselves disrupting legitimate activity in Tony Abbott’s office this week.  


  •  This holy man forgot to shave, it seems!
  • ————————————————————————————————————————————————
  • No way would they ever dream of taking anything like such action to protest against the sleazy Afghan ‘asylum’ pig in the news again yesterday! 

These dog-collared pests are more likely to echo the ghastly Green Sarah Hanson-Young, whose perpetually twisted knickers are in yet another Gordian Knot over the wicked Coalition’s plan to require all crimmigrants to abide by a code of civilised conduct (fat chance, admittedly!)


Maybe they can all get together and hold a candle-lit vigil to demand that convicted child sex predator Ali Jaffari’s protection visa be re-instated.

  • Thousands of Australians are attending vigils for slain asylum seeker Reza Berati across Australia.

Pinko vigil

  • Happily, that disgraceful document has been cancelled by the Federal Government, a court has heard. Immigration officers visited Jaffari, currently on remand on child pornography charges, on Friday.

The pig was caught poring over violent child-sex material in a public library. 

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said new information, together with Mr Jaffari’s previous behaviour, had given him sufficient grounds to cancel the permanent protection visa. “Like any decision, my decision to cancel Mr Jaffari’s visa could still be subject to challenge in the courts.”

Good for Morrison!

Bbut the courts are always a risk. It seems some magistrate dismissed all charges against a previous mob of clerics after they pulled a similar stunt a few months ago.


judges rogue


And we’ve had higher courts obstruct elected government efforts to tackle the bludger menace too.

Let’s wait and see.

Meanwhile, the best thing Canberra could do is repudiate that UN Convention which purports to supersede Australian law, and is used all too often by lousy lawyers to inhibit preventative action against the pestilience afflicting Oz.