Solidarity With Tunisia Against Al Qaeda Menace!

It’s not just Australia ( and Canada, UK and USA) facing the menace of trained terrorists oozing ‘back’ from Mid-East war-ones.  I use inverted commas for ‘back’ because they never belonged in sane countries in the first place!

A report in World Tribune tells us that according to government officials Tunisia has been inundated with Islamist fighters and preachers from the Middle East who regard the North African state as ripe for revolt.

We should applaud this little land in its fight against savages, and help them in any way we sensibly can.


civilised man v savage


Until just a few years ago, Tunisia was a very civilised country, but currently there are powerful forces at work to drag it down to the vile level of Saudi Arabia, a barbaric cess-pool where women have no rights.

Even driving a car on their own is prohibited, while the usual primitive marriage laws allow men to enjoy a multiplicity of wives. No similar right is afforded to women.

Inheritance law, of course, discriminates shamelessly against females!




So no wonder decent Tunisians are on their guard against any extension of such a nightmare scenario into their own little country.  And so should we be – a glance at the map shows how easy it can be for undesirable aliens to hop, skip and jump across the Med!

And the most dangerous plague dogs are the so-called ‘clerics’ from backward lands further east.

They said Tunisia has intensified security along its borders and was stopping clerics deemed supporters of Al Qaida. 


osama_bin_satan Al Qaeda’s founder may be dead, but his evil movement lives on


The report identifies domestic Salafists as maintaining contact with supporters in Gulf Arab states, believed to play a major role in financing the movement. In June 2013, Tunisia blocked the entry of eight clerics from Saudi Arabia. Officials said the Saudis had been invited to deliver sermons throughout Tunisia…

This admirable vigilance should be emulated in the West.  A lot of foreign-born and foreign-based hate-preachers are known to be active in all our countries. What’s good for Tunisia is good for us too!

They should be rounded up and deported, regardless of what passports they may possess.

out with them

Better still, stop them ever getting in!