How Come Aliens Get A Vote in Referenda Vital to Britain’s Future?

EU citizens stopped from voting in UK after confusion over registration forms

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EU citizens living in Britain have been stopped from voting after confusion over a series of registration forms. Prospective voters arrived at polling booths around the country on Thursday only to find that while they were able to vote in local elections, officials would not give them ballot papers for the continent-wide elections.
Quite bloody right!
If their own countries won’t give them a postal or proxy vote, that’s tough.
And I’d say unfair. A patriotic Dane or Dutchman should be entitled to decide who represents his country in Brussels, no matter where he lives.
But he should NOT be permitted a say in Britain’s battle for freedom against the EUSSR. He may be the best of his breed, but he’s not a Brit, and that’s the end of it.
I was moved to check this issue out by a comment from a Brit tonight, who gave me the rather shocking news that in Scotland, Salmond’s SNP – which insists on calling itself ‘a nationalist party’  – has eagerly granted foreigners the right to participate in the forthcoming referendum on separatism.
On top of that, Scots who live in England, or elsewhere, are denied that right.
Absolute madness.
Scots voting rights should be no different than anyone else’s – incidentally, their attitudes are not that different either, according to the Glasgow Herald, which shows they hold sensible views on immigration and the EUSSR in much the same proportions as other Brits!
salmond  SNP’s Salmond
In the absence of logic, one assumes Salmond adopted this bizarre arrangement for cheap electoral advantage, just as he got his way on the matter of children being given the vote.

Scots Teeny-Bopper Braveheart-Throbs? 

Nowhere else in the UK are under-18s allowed to exercise the franchise.
It’s said that the Scots vote will be close. If resident aliens make the difference to a YES or NO verdict, it can hardly be regarded as legitimate.