London Lost – Not to UKIP Alone But to England!


As ever, the sad-sack cosmopolitan clique that rules the roost in the ‘British’ media are salivating noisily over UKIP’s Suzanne Evans, who apparently seemed to agree with the host that they had difficulty appealing to the “educated, cultural and young.”

But in fact Suzanne is only talking sense!

The sort of decadent dilletante dorks  who flocked to the Tate to admire pickled farm animals’ cadavers as ‘works of art’ are hardly her fellow-countrymen in any meaningful sense! The so-called ‘educated’ class showed themlseves, by their adulation of that mockery of art, to be almost literally ‘culture vultures,’ oblivious to real culture in any sense at all.

  • And a helluva lot of young people are going through an ‘education’ process that, as previously noted,  Goebbels would have heartily approved.



0 and again this year- please read this link, it’s hilarious !

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AND …the sad fact is that very few actual English people still live in London.

More than 40% of Londoners were born overseas. Christians form the largest religious group, but they are no longer a majority.

That ain’t my idea of an English city! 

  • london riot London riots


Entire areas are densely colonised by aliens, some of whom indeed have adapted and become British…

…but many of whom –  many of the scum who rioted two years ago – are undeserving of the adjective ‘British’ or even of the term ‘civilised,’ and would quite possibly not fit into any normal society that expects its people to be part of a shared ‘cultural’ heritage, respecting democratic values!

Tower Hamets is the worst example, maybe, of that..

…but it’s by no means unique.

We know that there are thousands of ‘Londoners’ who, by virtue of their alien thinking, see nothing wrong with corrupting the electoral system, or with female genital mutilation, or polygamy.  Indeed, they even think they have the ‘right’ to observe an antedeluvian alien legal code rather than obey British laws.

Much of London is appallingly multicultural, and we know where that ends.


London Terrorist It gives London a populace many of whom take the side of Britain’s foes in foreign wars. 


The same cultural ( and that’s in the real meaning of ‘cultural,’ not the ‘pickled farm animals’ meaning) collapse is visible elsewhere –  e.g. in Rotherham, where Galloway’s anti-British ‘Respect’ party did well not long ago (though less well last week, I think) but in Rotherham there are still enough British people to mount resistance, hence the UKIP surge there.

Maybe London is a lost cause.

But the loss is Britain’s, not Nigel Farage’s.