Jakarta’s Oppressed – Ascension Brass Band Worship! No Sewage, Urine This Year!

Just got home from a boiling hot day in town, where I spent some time with the persecuted Christian churches, GKI Yasmin and HKPB Filadelfia.

Or at least with their brave congregations.

Their actual brick-and-mortar churches are sealed against them, bigot municipal councils pandering to filthy sectarian louts.

Religious Liberty? Bogor’s ‘Moderate’ Mayor Waffles! 


tambun pigs Police refused to disperse the dirty bigots


  • Two years ago the HKBP flock, including women and children, were targetted by vile savages hurling dung and bags of urine as they tried to reach their house of worship, The lousy Bekasi police stood back, allowed the initimdation to succeeed and ..read it all here.

Christ’s Ascension Day – Islamist Savages Pelt Congregation With Sewage, Urine and Rocks 

Nor was that the only occasion these peaceful Protestants faced that sort of stinking barrage from a stinking rabble!


sby300 SBY

, the Head of State who won’t enforce the Supreme Court ruling in Yasmin’s favour.



Praying, the persecuted people face the palace of the man who won’t enforce hiis own high court’s order


SAM_8898 The band delights the crowd




SAM_8900 The service is set to start


We had a bunch of young guys down from Jogjakarta playing their brass instruments, we had songs of praise, and of course some prayers.

These people leave me speechless in their steadfast courage, and their evident lack of bitterness against a state that has served them so foully.

I’m home now, up early tomorrow, so I’m posting this promptly.